Once you have completed the Messenger Integration for your ConvBot through Tars dashboard, you will have to submit the Messenger Bot to be reviewed by Facebook Team.

Here are steps on how to get this done - 

1. Go to your FB Apps and select the App associated with your page.

2. Go the Messenger tab in the App Dashboard. 

3. On this page, under the "App Review for Messenger" section - click "Add to submission" button next to the "pages_messaging" permission. This permission lets your fb-app (which is a bot in this case) to send messages to the user over an FB page.

4. After adding this to the submission, it will come under "Current Submission" with "Edit Notes" link next to it. You will have to click on that link and fill the small form and accept the T&C to publish a Messenger Bot.

This is the form you will have to fill once to click on the "Edit Notes" section. Select the radio button next to "Your Messenger experience includes automated replies" and give an example of a command. You can just use the command written in the image below. Click on the Save button then.

Once you click on the Save button, you will see this screen below the "View Notes" button. Click on the "Settings" link here.

Fill these three fields - App icon, Privacy Policy and Category in the Settings.

Use this image for App icon(you can change it later anytime) - https://hellotars.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Bot-Image.png
This link for Privacy Policy - https://hellotars.com/privacy/
And set the category which suits your bot.

5. Once you have filled all the required fields of this notes section, the "Submit for review" button in the "Current Submission" section will get activated. Simply click on it and your bot is submitted for manual review by Facebook Team.

6. It says that it takes upto 5 days, but the review results come back in around 2 days. Just make sure that your Messenger bot is active and working during this period so that the reviewer can check it without any issues and further delay can be avoided.

7. Once done, you will get a notification in your Facebook account just like any other notification. You can click on it and see if you got the approval. If approved you will see a green check mark next to "pages_messaging" permission.

8. Once you have received the approval for your Messenger Bot, you have to go to the App Review page again from the side menu and flip the switch to Yes, where it says: "Make <Bot Name> public?"

9. That's it. Also make sure that the FB page on which the bot resides is published publicly.

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