Inserting an image or a gif into your flow is a short and simple process.

First you will have to get a url to the image you want to use. You can usually do this by right clicking on the image and then clicking on “Copy image address”:

If you are using an image that you have created yourself, you will have to upload it to a image hosting site like first and then copy the image address (don’t worry, it’s free). Image link should look something like

Once you have copied the image url, you can return to the builder and open up the gambit in which you want to insert the image. Hover over the bubble in which you want to insert the image and then click on the "+"  that appears next to the chat bubble. This will reveal several options from which you will need to click on the camera option.

This will expand the chat bubble and reveal an image URL placeholder:

Paste the link you had copied earlier into the field where it says "Enter Image URL" and hit enter. The image should appear.

NOTE: If you are using an API integration and you want to call a url from the API response, use the regular way of calling data from the API response into a bot flow to call the image url into the "Enter Image URL: field. When you hit enter, the image preview will not appear but in the actual flow the image will appear (to see how to use API integrations check out this doc over here.

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