Released Features and Improvements:

Jan 2018:

  1. Now you can add URL/links on the Cards input UI as well. i.e. you can add a URL on a card, clickin on which will open a new tab with that URL and take the user there.

Dec 2017:
To be Updated

Nov 2017:
To be Updated

Oct 2017:
To be Updated

Sep 2017:

  1. Now you can open the Bot widget on your website by a simple click on a Link/Button. Just put #tarsbot as the URL of the Link/Button. Check the details here:
  2. Conditional Jump Feature release. Advanced feature release.
  3. Settings Page updated, to allow users to enable/disable advanced features in the Bots.
  4. User account links putted in the popover.

Aug 2017:

  1. Smart Email Notifications for all the conversations between Tars Bot and Real world people. With this feature update, any conversation that your Bot has with any user will be reported to you right in your inbox. No need to come back and check the Data in the TARS Dashboard every few hours. Check the detail here:
  1. Stripe based Subscription Billing Integration released in the product. Now you can manage your Product Billing from the TARS Dashboard itself. Easy and simple. Check here: 

July 2017:

  1. Added the Auto-Suggestion Input UI in the builder.

June 2017:

  1. We added an option to Preview your Bot, before you decided to Deploy it to production. Using this you can now test out the bot without having to switch between the browser tabs and without affect the Live Production Bot that is currently being used.

We made this update so that you can make incremental changes in your Bot and test it out in the Bot Preview. And once you are happy with the final result, just click on the new and improved Deploy Bot button, right next to it, to push all the changes to Live Production, all in one go. Also the Bot Preview looks way more cooler. Check it out:

  1. =============================================================
  2. Pushed a new set of icons for Send Arrow, Skip Button and Done Button. They are part of the font-awesome family, they have universal appeal among different languages and look a lot better.
  3. Paginated the ConvBots on the homepage of the Dashboard, so that it shows only 19 Convbots at a time. This makes viewing all your bots easy and more accessible.

May 2017:

  1. Cards Input UI Added in the Builder
  2. Added support for 18 Languages in the Convbot Configure section
  3. Facebook Messenger Integration Beta Release
  4. Branching now possible in Star Ratings. Now you can move to different gambits, based on the star rating given by the user. (Perfect for taking a more structured Feedback and Survey)
  5. Going Forward, all the data submissions (Full or Partial) that happens on the same browser on which the bot was built will be Marked as TEST Submissions. They are properly highlighted in the Check Data section to avoid confusion between test and live submissions.
  6. You can now put an External link (Web URL) on any Button option in the Buttons input type. Check the External link icon next to a Button option.

April 2017:

  1. On-Page Bot widget added as part of the ConvBot Distribution on websites.
  2. Auto-Open feature in the On-page Bot widget.
  3. Added Language (locale) Settings in the ConvBot.
  4. Created a generic helper buttons section UI/UX to be used everywhere (in bubbles, buttons, cards etc..)
  5. Improved the UX for deleting a Bubble (cross button in helper buttons section)
  6. Improved the UI for Adding Images in a Message Bubble.
  7. Adding image and text in the same bubbles now possible.
  8. Adding API Response Data based Image URL now possible.
  9. Re-ordering of buttons now possible, similar to re-ordering of message bubbles

March 2017

  1. API Config section added in the Gambit settings
  2. Rich Text Editor to better format the text in message bubbles

January 2017

  1. Released the Builder Tool
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