October 2018:

18th Oct 2018

  • Added Marathi language support in Locale Settings in Configure section.

15th Oct 2018

  • Side Menu now can be Collapsed on to the left, to give you more space on the screen while building your Bot Conversation Flow.

10th Oct 2018

  • Added Emoji Picker :grinning: feature in the Bot message bubble. Now when writing your text message for your users, you can sub-communicate your emotions using the same mechanisms, used by Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
  • Added  a new Text Input Type, under Text Input Type. It's called Name. This goes along with others: Full Name, Email, Phone etc.. Select this option when you are asking the user for their Name, but you don't necesarily want their Full Name. So just a First Name will also work with this new Text Input Type.
  • Performance improvement in Dashboard page load speed for a specific chatbot. Now only needed (and less) data is loaded on that page, making it load faster.
  • Added a system level feature to save a Timestamped Snapshot of the conversation flow, each time the Bot is deployed. Later on, these snapshots can be used to help analyze the performance of a different conversation flows over time and how some change impacted the Bot's performance.

7th Oct 2018

  • Added 2 new columns in the exported CSV data called visit_url and referrer_url, which shows the url on which the bot was visited and the url of the referrer page from which the user came to interact with the bot. This will help in understanding where the traffic is coming from and giving proper attribution to the Chatbots.
  • Added a new Input Type called Calendar & Time to take user inputs. Now you can ask the users to pick date and time slots to book appointments, from an easy to use Calendar Interface within the Chatbot Conversation.

3rd Oct 2018

  • Added a new Special Input Type called No Input. Setting this Input Type in your gambit will show the Bot messages to the user, but won't interrupt the conversation to ask them for any input. It will simply move on to the next gambit connected to it. 

September 2018:

25th Sep 2018

  • Bug fix for Dashboard to resolve an issue with Dashboard page load when an Ad Block extension is installed in the maker's browser.

13th Sep 2018

  • Chatbot search feature on the Dashboard home. This is useful if you have made more than a Dozen of Chatbots.

10th Sep 2018

  • Pricing and Plan Name Updated in the Dashboard Billing Section.

7th Sep 2018

  • Added a feature in the Data Analyze section to see the overall stats data for either All Activity, or for Unique Users, with a simple switch.

August 2018:

30th Aug 2018

  • Added 2 new operations in the Conditional Jump Feature. These are called Starts With and Ends With operations, and they can be used to compare strings in a given condition.

20th Aug 2018

  • Added a feature to set Google Adwords Remarketing Code and Conversion Label in the chatbot configuration. This will help you to build your remarketing list based on your Chatbot Visitors and will give you ability to track your conversions for people coming from your Published Google Ads.

14th Aug 2018

  • Showing the stats data for unique users in the Data Analyze section. Uptil now, these stats showed data for All Activity. With the stats data for Unique Users, you can estimate the value being created in a more precise way.
  • Test Submissions are now ignored when calculating the stats data in the Data Analyze section. This will give a more precise picture of Bot's performance when seeing the Data Analyze section.

2nd Aug 2018

  • Added a feature to configure the Chatbot to Send events to Google Analytics only when the user responds on a Goal Gambit.

July 2018:

4th Jul 2018

  • Date Range Filter Added in Data View, Analyze and Export sections. Using this feature you can now See, Understand or Download data for a selected Time Range. Like Show me data for This Month or Export data for Last Month etc..

June 2018:

25th Jun 2018

  • Including saved Meta image and Favicon icon in the downloaded on-domain html file.

17th Jun 2018

  • Pricing Updated in the Dashboard Billing Section.

16th Jun 2018

  • Improvments made in the way the Conversation Flow Flowchart is draw in the browser, making it faster when a gambit is saved. It is now much faster to save a gambit, which helps in building momentum when designing the flow.

10th Jun 2018

  • Now you can download any of the past Invoice for your Tars subscription payments. You can download it anytime as a pdf document by logging in your Tars Dashboard and going to Biiling >> Invoice History

8th Jun 2018

  • Credit Card update featue in Billing Section of the Dashboard. Now if you want to update your card to make payments from, you can do that just by going to Billing >> Payment Preferences and click on Update Card.

6th Jun 2018

May 2018:

31st May 2018

  • Now you can configure your Chatbot to send events to your Google Analytics account from your Tars Chatbot using GA Events. Head over to Configure section to check this.

16th May 2018

  • Now if you click on your Bot Page URL in your admin and notice that you are logged out of the Tars Dashboard, then after logging in you will directed to the original Bot Page URL that you wanted to do. Neat Little Trick.

14th May 2018

  • Added a feature in the API Config which allows you to include all the user reponses, earlier in the conversation, in the API call. This makes it very easy to configure the API call, where you want to send all the user response to the API Server, e.g.. when you want to make a full data submit to your backend.

2nd May 2018

  • RemoteDB Connection feature added in the Dashboard to view and export Data from a remote DB.

April 2018:

30th Apr 2018

  • FirstPromoter Script added in the Dashboard for Affiliate Tracking.

14th Apr 2018

  • Released Wordpress Plugin to manage Tars Chatbot Widget on Wordpress websites. Added a link to this plugin in the Distribute >> Bot Widget in Dashboard.

2nd Apr 2018

  • Allowed Geolocation, Microphone and Camera access from the Chatbot deployed in On-Domain mode using the HTML file on Bot Maker's Custom Domain.
  • Now you can add Google Analytics Code and FB Pixel ID in your Bot Page by putting them in the Configure section of your Chatbot. This means that now you can make a retargeting and remarketing list of people on Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, based on all the people visiting your Tars Chatbot.
  • Configure Section Revamped. All possible configurations for the chatbot broken into sensible subseciton for easier access and focus while making any changes in them.

30th Mar 2018

  • Product Feature list updated in the Billing Section and Added the Free Trial End date on top of the Dashboard for easy view.

28th Mar 2018

  • Added Social Share button in the Distribute section to help Bot makers share their Bot Links easily and quickly.

21st Mar 2018

  • Consolidated View for all the Conversation Data with the Chatbot at one place. i.e.. Full and Partial Data in One place for you to see the easily. Now you don't have to jump between Full data and Partial Data section in the Dashbaord. You can also filter and see only Full or Partial Data.

15th Mar 2018

  • Added a new feature to allow Bot Makers to allow end users to select only from the give options in the list of items in Auto Suggestion Input type. If configured like this, and the user give something other from that list, the bot will complain and ask them to select from that list only.

12th Mar 2018

  • New Validation option added in Text Input. It is for 10-Digit Mobile Number Validation. This validation is more strict than the normal Mobile Number Validation.

2nd Mar 2018

  • Data Syntax highlighting and syntax validation for raw data sent over API call in API Config section. This helps in configuring the data payload easily and identifying any invalid syntax in it to avoid data formating related issues.

February 2018:

2nd Feb 2018

  • Added the full video tutorial playlist in the Dashboard Video Tutorials popup. Going through this whole playlist will make you Total PRO in Building Amazing Chatbots with Tars Platform.

Januany 2018:

31st Jan 2018

  • Capture Bot Maker's Phone number through an popup modal inside the Dashboard. This is again to help us reach out to Bot Makers to understand their goals with Tars Platform.
  • Feature to not use the Tars Cors Proxy by adding an extra field in the HTTP Header in the API Config Section. This header field won't be visible to the API Server.

24th Jan 2018

  • Now you can add URL/links in the Cards input UI as well. i.e. you can add a URL on a card, clickin on thr card will open a new tab with that URL and take the user there.

23rd Jan 2018

  • Added Schedule a Call button/link in the supporting links section at the bottom left corner of the Dashboard. This helps users to connect with us at a time of their preference.

22nd Jan 2018

  • Added an extra field in signup form to collect the Bot Maker's phone number. This helps us in reaching out to the Bot Makers directly to connect with them and understand what they want to achieve with Tars Platform.

16th Jan 2018

  • Added a wifi icon as an indicator on an Gambit which is making an API Call. Useful to identify this important gambit within the Conversation Flow.

11th Jan 2018

  • Added Font Awesome support in the Dashboard to allow us to use more versatile set of icons within the Dashboard.

Dec 2017:

  • To be Updated

Nov 2017:

  • To be Updated

Oct 2017:

  • To be Updated

Sep 2017:

  • Now you can open the Bot widget on your website by a simple click on a Link/Button. Just put #tarsbot as the URL of the Link/Button. Check the details here: http://help.hellotars.com/distribute/open-tars-bot-widget-with-a-linkbutton
  • Conditional Jump Feature release. Advanced feature release.
  • Settings Page updated, to allow users to enable/disable advanced features in the Bots.
  • User account links putted in the popover.

Aug 2017:

  • Stripe based Subscription Billing Integration released in the product. Now you can manage your Product Billing from the TARS Dashboard itself. Easy and simple. Check here: https://admin.hellotars.com/home/#billing 

July 2017:

  • Added the Auto-Suggestion Input UI in the builder.

June 2017:

  • We added an option to Preview your Bot, before you decided to Deploy it to production. Using this you can now test out the bot without having to switch between the browser tabs and without affect the Live Production Bot that is currently being used.

We made this update so that you can make incremental changes in your Bot and test it out in the Bot Preview. And once you are happy with the final result, just click on the new and improved Deploy Bot button, right next to it, to push all the changes to Live Production, all in one go. Also the Bot Preview looks way more cooler. Check it out:

  • Pushed a new set of icons for Send Arrow, Skip Button and Done Button. They are part of the font-awesome family, they have universal appeal among different languages and look a lot better.
  • Paginated the ConvBots on the homepage of the Dashboard, so that it shows only 19 Convbots at a time. This makes viewing all your bots easy and more accessible.

May 2017:

  • Cards Input UI Added in the Builder
  • Added support for 18 Languages in the Convbot Configure section
  • Facebook Messenger Integration Beta Release
  • Branching now possible in Star Ratings. Now you can move to different gambits, based on the star rating given by the user. (Perfect for taking a more structured Feedback and Survey)
  • Going Forward, all the data submissions (Full or Partial) that happens on the same browser on which the bot was built will be Marked as TEST Submissions. They are properly highlighted in the Check Data section to avoid confusion between test and live submissions.
  • You can now put an External link (Web URL) on any Button option in the Buttons input type. Check the External link icon next to a Button option.

April 2017:

  • On-Page Bot widget added as part of the ConvBot Distribution on websites.
  • Auto-Open feature in the On-page Bot widget.
  • Added Language (locale) Settings in the ConvBot.
  • Created a generic helper buttons section UI/UX to be used everywhere (in bubbles, buttons, cards etc..)
  • Improved the UX for deleting a Bubble (cross button in helper buttons section)
  • Improved the UI for Adding Images in a Message Bubble.
  • Adding image and text in the same bubbles now possible.
  • Adding API Response Data based Image URL now possible.
  • Re-ordering of buttons now possible, similar to re-ordering of message bubbles

March 2017

  • API Config section added in the Gambit settings
  • Rich Text Editor to better format the text in message bubbles

January 2017

  • Released the Builder Tool

December 2016

  • To Be Updated

November 2016

  • To Be Updated

October 2016

  • To Be Updated

September 2016

  • To Be Updated

August 2016

  • To Be Updated

July 2016

  • To Be Updated

June 2016

  • To Be Updated

May 2016

  • To Be Updated

April 2016

  • To Be Updated

March 2016

  • To Be Updated

February 2016

  • To Be Updated

January 2016

  • To Be Updated
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