So you have now added the Tars Bot widget on your website for anyone to talk to. Your Tars Bot is ready for a conversation as soon as someone clicks on the Bot widget button. Something like this :

But there may be times when you want to open the Bot widget on the page, based on user activity.

One way to trigger your Tars Bot is when user clicks on a link or a button. This is very easy to do with TARS. Simply set the URL of the button or the link to #tarsbot That's it. This sets the href value of the anchor tag.

The final anchor tag will become something like this:
<a href="#tarsbot">Open TARS Bot</a>

Check the link on this example page:

Or check in the gif below how clicking on a button below a blogpost triggers the bot - 

Note - for this to work, you must have added the Tars Bot widget code on your page. This is how to do it.

Update: Now you can open Different Bots in the Bot widget, using different links on the page. Check the update and how to use it on this community page:

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