We have released an experimental feature in our Chatbots, which enables the Chatbots to speak out loud. Yes, you heard it right. Check it out here:


This uses an experimental technology called SpeechSynthesis, which is part of HTML5 standard, and it is still not supported in all browsers. So do keep that in mind.

Now, the way to enable this is actually quite simple.
Just add a URL paramter named _speak in the ChatBot URL, that's it.

So if your original URL was this:
after adding this parameter it will become:

If you have other URL params in your URL, then just follow the Query String Format.

Hope you can Listen

Advanced Feature: Voice Language and Accent

One more thing you can customise (to some extent) the Voice Language and Accent of the SpeechSynthesis. Again this stuff is quite experimental, so it might behave differently on different browsers.

You can set the value of the _speak URL param to the language locale code.

For example this bot has messages in Hindi Language and thus requires the language specification like this:

And in this Bot - although the messages are in English, but it is spoken in an Hindi speaking native Accent.

Cool Stuff right?

Try them out, and let us know what you think.

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