We have pushed an important update in how the API Config Section works.

Now when you check the API-Config checkbox in a gambit modal, to open the API-Config section, it will close the User Input section. This means that now when you make an API Call in a Gambit, the Bot won't wait for the User Input. It will simply make the API call, show any Bot messages (if any), and simply jump to the next gambit.

NOTE: Don't worry about your existing Bots that is using the API Config. Those will keep working as it is. You don't have to make any changes to them. This new update is applicable only to any new API-Config section being enabled.

The reason push is update is to give more control over the API Call Response. It comes down to 2 main points:

  1. Without the User Input Interruption, you can now use the Conditional Jump feature on the API Call response data and take the user to a logically relevant gambit, without any interruption, by simply comparing the values that you got from the API Call response.

    This is really powerful. It means that now you can control the Conversation Path, based on the response that you get from an API Call. This will enable you to make things like:

    Signup and Login System
    OTP based Verification
    Order status check
    API Error Handling (check if the response data value is properly populated)

  2. Without the User Input Interruption, you can now make multiple API Calls one after another, without any interruption. All those API call will be made in series.

    This will allow you to do a lot more complex transaction using the ChatBot. So things which require multiple API Calls like Order Placement, Confirmation and then Status Check can now be done by simply putting all those Gambits making the API calls, one after another.

Hope this will Empower you to make much more Powerful ChatBots, capable of doing a lot more Business Transactions :)

Please do share your thoughts on this new update. We want to further improve the API-Config feature.

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