There are times when you want to give a direct link of an external page to the user. It can be URL of another page, or it can be a URL of some file to download. You can do that in two ways:

Make sure you have selected the Buttons in User Input Type. When you hover over a button, it will show a + (plus) icon next to it. Click on that, and it will show few more options. Something like this:

One of the options in that is for External link with the external link icon, shown above in the red circle. Clicking on it will allow you to add the URL that you want to add. Simply add the Full URL in there, and save the gambit.

That's it. Now clicking on that Button will open up the link in a new tab.

Similarly when you select the Cards Input UI from the drop down menu. Hovering over a card and clicking on the + (plus) icon will show you the same External link icon.

Click on it to show the input field where you can put the URL of the link you want to add. Make sure to put Full URL with http(s):// prefix

In Bot message bubbles, simply select the text on which you want to add the link. It will then show you a pop-over editor to add the link. Something like this:

In there, click on the # button and it will allow you to add the URL. Simply add the full URL in there, and click on the Check button.

That's it. Now clicking on the selected text will open up the link in a new tab.

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