As part of "Designing your Bot" to reflect your Brand and Personality, we want you to be able to customize the background images in your Bots. It is very simple to do and this is what it looks like:

From the side menu on the Bot's page, click on Design

Now click on the Custom option and select Background

The background options consist of two elements

Chat Background and Page Background.

Chat Background

  • In the chat background option, we can add a logo ( up to 50kb ) just like the above image. We have to click on the uploaded logo and select the logo which we want to add and then click on open.

  • Please note that the logo would be displayed on the top right corner of the chatbot. For reference look at the image below. The logo of NIKE can be seen on the top right corner of the chatbot.

  • We can even add a solid color to the background of the chat or select a gradient tone from the existing list of gradients and also add images as a background.

  • If the design and background meet our expectations we can click on save changes and the background will be added to the chatbot

Page Background

  • In the page background option, we can add a background to the page which is behind the chatbot.

  • In this case, also we have three ways by which we can change the Page Background color i.e., A solid color, a pre-made gradient, and finally an image.

  • While adding images we can also choose the best fit of the image for our chatbot. This is done by selecting either one of the three.

*Please note that the Page Background would not affect the mobile view.

And this is how you add background to your chatbots. Hope this solved your query.

In case you want to check how to make design changes to your chatbot please click on the following link -

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