Meta Image

First up, I'll tell you what a Meta image is and how to change it to any custom image of your choice.

When you share the Tars chatbot link with someone via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social channel, it will appear like this :

The bot image here is the meta image for your chatbot. Now, there might be a case when you want to replace it with a custom image so that it is much more relatable to the content of the bot or have a logo of your brand.

Something like this where I have replaced the default bot image with the Tesla logo : 

How to do this :

  1. Go to your bot's "Configure" section and the "Page Settings" subsection there. You should see a screen like this :

In the "Meta Image URL" field, paste the link of the image you want to have as your bot's meta image and click on "Save". That's it.

You should now see this new image when you share the bot link on any social channel.

Favicon Image

This is the image you see in your browser tab next to the Page Title. See this little bot image below, that's your chatbot's favicon image - 

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