In this help doc, we explain how you can use the TARS WordPress plugin to easily integrate your TARS bot into your Wordpress website.

Here is how you need to go about it :

  1. Go to your Wordpress login window and sign in to your dashboard.

2. Once you are in, access the Plugins section in the left sidebar of your dashboard and click on "Add New" option.

3. Now search for "Tars Chatbot" and you will see the plugin appear in the search results. Click on "Install Now" and then "Activate".

4.  Once installed and activated, you should start seeing Tars Chatbot plugin in your plugins directory like this - 

Click on Settings here.

5. Clicking on Settings will take you to this window where you need to paste your chatbot widget code from the "Distribute" section of your bot.

6. Hit save, and you're all set! If the chatbot widget does not appear immediately, try refreshing your website.

Here is a direct link to the wordpress plugin -

You can also download the zip file from here and upload it in your wordpress dashboard.

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