When you are asking the user for their geo-location, you may want to use a special input type called Geo-Location, which you can select from the Input type Drop Down menu.

Now, once the user responds on it, you essentially collect the Lat-Long values of the location that the user has selected. 

In the Data section and email notification, these Lat-Long values gets transformed into corresponding Google Maps link for easy view. But you may want to access these Lat-Long values directly within the chatbot, like if you want to to send it to your API.

You can do this with the similar data referencing as you do for a normal user response on a gambit, but the data scope is a bit different.

If you are collecting the Geo-location on a gambit named geoloc, then you can access the Lat-Long values given by the user by this:


Example values will be like: 12.9325385 and 77.6317049
Which happens to be the co-ordinates of our Office.
Feel free to drop by sometime :)

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