TARS Bots widget that you can put on your website actually has a bunch of configurable options which you might not know.

Some of these options can be changed and saved from the Dashboard like the callout message, color of the widget button, and selecting from the 10 Bot images.

But the rest of the options can only be configured by making changes in the code snippet for the widget that you add on your website.

By default, This code snippet looks like below. This is for the Meme Generetor Bot: https://memegen.hellotars.com/conv/r1d0p0/

<script>(function(){var js,fs,d=document,id="tars-widget-script",b="https://tars-file-upload.s3.amazonaws.com/share/";if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement("script");js.id=id;js.type="text/javascript";js.src=b+"js/widget.js";fs=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];fs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fs)}})();window.tarsSettings = {"convid":"r1d0p0"};</script>

Near the end of this code snippet you will see a variable name: window.tarsSettings

The value for this variable is by default a key-value pair JSON object, with only one key-value pair in it. This is the convid of the Bot itself. This is the same id that you see in the URL of the Bot.

Widget Options:

{"convid":"r1d0p0", "mode":"pop_left"}
This will bring the widget on the left side of the page.

{"convid":"r1d0p0", "img":"https://i.imgur.com/Im4zVwJ.png"}
This will change the widget button image.

{"convid":"r1d0p0", "href":"https://chatbot.hellotars.com/conv/r1d0p0/?aaa=bbb&ccc=ddd"}
This will change the Bot URL that is opened in the widget, here some URL params are added in the URL for subission tracking.

Note that double quotes everwhere and the comma in between the data fields.
This is JSON way of doing things. You can validate the JSON syntax here: https://jsonlint.com/
Try putting in those examples and making some changes in it.

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