You can download all the user responses collected through the bot in CSV/Excel format.

Here is how you can do this : 

1. Go to your TARS dashboard and click on the chatbot for which you want to download the data.

2. Once you click on the chatbot, the chatbot dashboard opens up.

3. Now click on 'View & Export Data' from the 'Check Data' section

4. Once the 'View & Export Data' page opens click on the 'Export Data' button.

5. Once you click on the 'Export Data' section the Export Data page pops up. Over here you have the option of segregating the data based on particular dates, month or even week as per your convenience. You can also select the entire conversations or conversations of a particular gambits.

6. Once you are done with the selection of gambits click on 'Export Data' and a CSV file containing the conversation would get downloaded.

This is how you can download / export user responses in Excel / CSV file.

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