You've built the chatbot, now how do you get more users on it? I'm assuming that you want to make sure that more and more users get on your chatbot and look at it as an easier channel to reach out to your business. 

Whether you are an insurance company or a digital marketing agency, the bigger your audience, the more opportunity you have to convert them into customers. 

Having said that, the way you get your first user on the chatbot will always differ from how you get the hundredth one. You need to experiment with the ways that work best for your business. 

Here are some of the ways you can increase the visibility of your bots and get more users: 

  1. Paid Marketing(Google/FB Ads/Native Ads)- Run paid campaigns via Google/FB/Instagram/Native Ads and drive your prospects directly into the chatbot landing page. Chatbot/Conversational Landing Pages get you 50% better conversion rate compared to traditional landing pages.

2. Chatbot Widget- We have all come across websites that claim to be offering "live chat support" but usually have long wait period to assist you with your query. As much as it is distressing for you, your customers feel the same. So why not replace that with a chatbot? 

3. Roll in the Email/Newsletter Campaigns- Static websites and landing page forms are boring and less informative. It often results in customers getting confused and not sharing their details, which for you is a loss of a high potential lead. 

If you have an email list, add your bot link in there through a clear CTA and take users directly to the bot. Chatbots initiate conversations and engage users till the user takes an action. If you're generating leads, try using the chatbot in your next campaigns.

Check how Huzzpah does it in their newsletter

4. Text/SMS Campaigns-  In some countries, SMS is still huge and brands generally send out text messages which could be to inform customers about discount offers, do a survey or take feedback. For instance, take a lot this message from Uber for a survey that takes you to a google form.

5. Twitter/Instagram bio/ Facebook page CTA- If you have a good number of customers coming in through your social media handles, a chatbot can work as your assistant- providing more details about your business and services.

6. Email Signature- More often than not, company representatives have their company's website link in their email signatures. Now for someone who's unaware of your business, products and services, taking them to your website is not always the ideal way to go about. 

Take a look at how Vinit's (Tars’ founder) email signature looks like. 

Not only can the chatbot educate your customers about your business but can also drive the conversation with them which otherwise you would've missed out on.  

These are just some of the ways you can succeed with chatbots. But trying them out to figure out which channel generates value for you is the key here. 


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