This guide is for all those people who use Google Ads (Adwords) in their Company and want to take advantage of high converting TARS Chatbots in their Paid Campaigns.

People running Paid Ad Campaigns know the importance of running Targeted Ads and one really useful way to target your Ads is something called Remarketing.

Remarketing for Google Ads (Adwords) requires you to build an audience list and this can be done by simply putting a Google Ads (Adwords) Tag on your Web Page.

Now you can do that for your TARS Chatbot page. Get your Google Ads (Adwords) Remarketing Tag from your Google Ads Dashboard. It will look something like this:

Go to the Configure section of your Chatbot and under Analytics & Tracking subsection, you will see Remarketing / Conversion ID field below the Google Ads (Adwords) Code:

Copy/Paste your Google Ads (Adwords) Remarketing Tag Code there and Click on Save. That's it.

Now all the users who visit your Chatbot Page will be automatically added to your Google Ads (Adwords) Remarketing List. You can then retarget them later with Ads and bring them back to your website for better conversion results.

Hope you like this new feature. Feel free to ping us and let us know your thoughts and ideas to improve this.

PS: If you are a curious soul and want to know how to do Conversion Tracking for your Paid Campaigns. Check this help doc.

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