NOTE: In order to track Conversions with Google Ads (Adwords), you need to set up the Remarketing Tag. Check this help doc to see how.

Also, to directly send conversion events to Google Analytics, you need to set up goals for your bots. To set goal gambits, you need to configure your goal settings.

If you are one of the pioneers in the paid marketing domain and have been using Conversational Landing Pages (i.e.. Chatbots) for your Google Ads (Paid Campaigns), first of all, Congratulations!!

Now you might be looking for ways to track the Conversions coming from your Bot. Look no further. Using this feature, your bot can fire a Conversion Event corresponding to your Bot Goal. Bot Goal can be defined by the user responding to any of the Goal Gambits.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking requires you to set up something called a Conversion Action in your Google Ads (Adwords) account. If you need help setting it up, check this article.

Once you set up a Conversion Action in your account, you will have 2 codes.
Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

Conversion ID is the same as your Remarketing Tag code and it looks something like this:
AW-123456789 (You may have to add AW- in front of your Conversion ID)

Conversion Label is specific to a particular Conversion Action and you can find it under the Google Tag Manager subsection, once you set up your Conversion Action. It looks something like this: RuyHCM791ocBEL_AjvoC

Google Ads (Adwords) Dashboard - Conversion Tracking Setup:

Once you get those, just put it in Configure >> Analytics & Tracking >> Google Ads (Adwords) Code and Save it. That's it.

Now, the Conversion event will be fired every time the Bot Goal is achieved during the Conversation between the user and the Bot.

NOTE: When setting up the Conversion Action, you might want to set the Conversion Count as One. This is used when the conversion is like a Sign-Up or a Lead where one user filling multiple Lead forms is still one conversion. As opposed to an E-Commerce Purchase, where every product sale is a separate Conversion.

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