While asking for the user's Email, Phone number or Full name, you want to make sure that at least those values are valid from syntax stand point. I mean it doesn't make sense when you ask the user for their Phone number and in response they type in Nyan Cat.

So, for your basic validation needs, Tars allows you to check for the user input when collecting those ever so critical information like Email, Phone and Name.

Here is how you can do this :
Under the Text Input User Input Type, just select the Input Type as one of the possible options: 

Full Name, Email, Mobile etc.. and the corresponding User Input Validation will be selected in place. Just save the gambit and you are done.

Now when the user gives an invalid response, the bot will complain and won't move to the next gambit until they give a valid response. Like this:

Same goes for Email and Full Name Syntax Validation.

Hope this was helpful :)

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