If you want your chatbot users to share the link of your chatbot with their friends via social channels, here is how you can do this. You can check it out in action in this chatbot : https://chatbot.hellotars.com/conv/BJKRX7/ 

  1. Make a gambit with different sharing options in buttons. Here is what it would look like : 

2. Now you need to add an external link in each button which will take users to the corresponding sharer link. There are two parts to it :

i) Adding external link to a button : here is a help doc you can follow to add external links in buttons : http://help.hellotars.com/make/gambit-related/add-a-link-in-a-buttoncard-or-in-bot-messages

ii) Creating sharer link for each channel : This is the sharer link you will have to add in each button depending on the channel e.g Facebook, Twitter etc.

You can create these sharer links using this simple tool : http://www.sharelinkgenerator.com/ All you have to do is generate the sharer links using this tool and add them in the buttons as external URLs. Here is what your gambit would look like once you add all these links in the buttons : 

Click on Save once you are done and that's it!

For Facebook Messenger App Sharing, which is different from Facebook Sharing, use the following external link in a button:




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