Website widgets are a useful way to engage visitors but they aren't one size fits all solutions. Different businesses have different requirements and we want to cater to them all. Advanced Widget Options allow you to change the way your bot widget behaves to meet your website's exact needs. Here's how it works

Accessing the Options

Open the bot whose widget you want to change.

Select distribute/share from the menu on the left

Navigate to the chatbot widget configuration

Toggle the Advanced widget options checkbox to reveal the additional options

What Each of the Options Do

Once these options are activated you will see 7 configuration options for your bot widget

Here’s what each one does:

  1. Add URL Tracking Parameters From- URL parameters are a great way to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. By adding URL parameters from the parent page to your bot, the URL parameters of the page on which the widget is clicked are captured in the bot conversation data.

  2. Widget Position on the Page- By default the bot widget is on the bottom right of the screen. If you want to move its location, you can use this option to change where it's located on the screen. This is particularly useful if you want to have multiple widgets on your website.

  3. Automatically close widget on conversation end- This option configures your widget so that the conversation automatically closes when the user reaches the end.

  4. Hide widget background overlay- By default, when you open up a bot from a widget on desktop the rest of the page is greyed out. Turning this configuration on prevents that from happening. The rest of the page remains clear. We recommend keeping the grey overlay on because it reduces distraction. 

  5. Hide Widget Button on Widget Close- This option configures your widget so that it disappears when a user closes the conversation.

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