In this guide, we will explain how you can integrate your chatbot with Google Calendar so that any appointment that is booked through the bot is automatically scheduled into yours’ and your lead’s Google Calendars

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Step 1: Create a Google Calendar Gambit

To book a Google Calendar Appointment in your chatbot, the first thing you need to do is create a Google Calendar Gambit.

To do this, you need to hit the Add Gambit button in the top right of the page, 

Then open up the gambit

And using the dropdown in the top right change the gambit type to Google Calendar

Step 2: Capturing Date & Time

To capture an appointment lead you need to capture four details: a date for the appointment, a time for the appointment, the lead’s email and their name.

To begin with we recommend that you capture the date and time for the appointment.

Open the Google Calendar Gambit that you created in step 1

Make sure that the “Show available slots on Calendar” option is selected.

This will prompt you to connect your Google Account. You need to do this so that the chatbot can check your calendar for available slots and only show users those slots (so that two users can’t book the same slot and overbook you).

Once you connect your account and hit next, you need to set the configurations for the events that your bot creates. 

In simple English, you need to tell your bot, which calendar within your Google account it should check for available time slots:

And you need to tell the bot what dates users should be allowed to choose for their appointment (because you don’t want people booking an appointment in 3005)

We allow for two types of date restrictions in appointment bots:

  1. Relative Date- Where leads can choose appointments in a date range that is relative to a fixed point (e.g. any time within a month from today or any time within a week from tomorrow). It is important to note that the fixed point is re-caluclated every single day so, for example, if you set the relative date restriction as a month from today, the date that is used for the value of “today” will be the day that the user is interacting with the bot NOT the date that you set that configuration up.

  2. Absolute Date-  Select a fixed date range in which users can book an appointment. This is particularly useful if you are running fixed campaigns and don’t want users to book appointments outside of the campaign date range.

Before you save the gambit remember to give it a descriptive name. This is particularly important in this tutorial as you will have to use this gambit name later on.

After you have saved the gambit we highly recommend that you deploy the bot 

And test it out to see whether everything is working

Step 3: Capture Email and Name

To get full use out of the Google Calendar Appointment integration we highly recommend that you capture email and name in your conversational flow as well (you’ll see why these are necessary in the next step)

We generally ask for both details after we get the appointment time and date, but this isn’t a strict rule.

As long as you collect email and name somewhere in your conversation you’ll be all set.

Additionally, you should capture other details that are important to the event. For example, if you take your meetings by phone you should also capture their phone number

Step 4: Schedule the Appointment

Now that you have all the details to schedule an appointment, create a second Google Calendar gambit and select “Create Appointment” from the menu:

Select your calendar from the menu so that your bot has permission to create events in your calendar:

And then you will have to configure the appointment details to actually ink the appointment into the lead’s and your calendar:

To begin with, give your event a name in the summary field. I usually like to include my company’s name as well as the lead’s name so that when they see the event in their calendar they know what is going to happen at that time. The event name usually looks something like TARS <> Lead’s name Demo Call.

To implement such a name in the actual bot you need to use the data referencing feature in the TARS builder to pull the user’s name from the gambit where you captured it and insert it into the summary. In the end, your summary should look something like this (where {{}} is a reference to the user response captured in the name gambit):

Next, add the lead’s email into the List of email-ids for event creation (you will have to use data referencing again):

If you want to add additional people to the meeting (e.g. if you want your team members to join), add their ids in the successive lines:

Describe your event:

And finally, give the event a date and time on which to create the event. IN this field you can again use the data referencing feature to pull the user response from the first calendar gambit where you showed users your free slots:

With that final detail, your event has been setup. You can continue the conversational flow if you please or close it out, but either way, your bot will now automatically book meetings for you in a way that is engaging and converts at high rates

AND those appointments will get saved in your calendar automatically

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