If you have created a custom chatbot and want to customize the conversation based on user device type, time zone, location, etc, read on. 

1. Convid Data

Many a times when you have multiple chatbots deployed across different channels for lead collection and send the same to your CRM, you may want to get an understanding of which chatbots these leads are flowing in from. 

Convid refers to your chatbot's id and you can typically find it at the end of your chatbot URL. Eg: chatbot.hellotars.com/conv/Vytere/.  In this case, "Vytere" is your convid. Now when you are passing this data to your CRM, you need to use {{usys.convid}}

2. Device Type

When you deploy your chatbot for both Mobile and Desktop traffic, you may want to customize your chatbot conversation to bring better results. Or you may also want to redirect your Desktop users to a web page and your Mobile users to App Store/Google Play to download your app. 

If you use {{usys.deviceType}}, you can redirect users based on their device type. For example, using conditional jump, you can configure your chatbot with these values to redirect users. 

3. User Agent

User Agent refers to the user's browser. Now to pass this parameter, you need to use {{usys.userAgent}}.

5. Time Zone

This parameter can help you create different chatbot conversation flows based on the user's time zone. For this, you need to use {{usys.time_zone}}.

6. IP Address

This parameter can help you pass the IP addresses of users to your CRM or any other external software. You can also customize the chatbot conversation flow or block certain IPs using `{{usys.ip}}.

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