This article would explain the pre-requisites to get a WhatsApp business number and what steps Facebook follows to verify a business account. This is the first step to get started with your WhatsApp chatbot.

If you are new to Facebook business, follow the below steps to create a business account:

  1. Go to and select Create Account

  2. Enter your name and confirm your identity with Facebook login credentials

  3. Follow the prompts to create your business account.

Here is guide by facebook on How to Get Started with Facebook Business Manager

Follow the steps below in case your facebook business account is not verified:

Step 1:

Click on Business Settings in your Facebook Business Manager

Step 2

Click on Security Centre on the left menu in the business manager.

Step 3

Click on start verification button highlighted in the above picture.

Please note the start verification button might be disabled in some cases as shown in the picture below. In that case, we'll need to enable the developers account for APPs

Step 4

Fill out information about your business and attach documents when prompted. In most cases, no documents are required for Facebook Business Verification. This happens because Facebook may be able to match your business against the publicly available records. In that case, you will only be required to select from a list of publicly available records that Facebook shows you as shown below.

To see which types of documents are accepted, follow this link:

Step 5

It is always suggested to avoid uploading documents in case your business is listed in the available business records. In case you have uploaded documents, Facebook can take 48 hrs to 30 days to verify your business and once verified, it will ask you to send a code to any business email or domain to verify the business.

Step 6

Once completed, you will receive a message confirming the submission of business information.

The submission status will be reflected in Business Verification card located in Security Center.

When Facebook team completes verification, you will receive a notification and the status will change to “Verified.”

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