For HubSpot users, who haven't signed up for Tars, you can sign up here and follow the instructions below.

Use Tars chatbots which are designed for conversion and engagement and push the leads you have collected to HubSpot using our Tars-HubSpot integration.

Here's what you will need to get started:

  • A Tars account

  • A valid HubSpot account with API access

  • A live Tars Chatbot

Steps for configuring HubSpot Integration

  1. After you have made the conversation flow of your chatbot, you need to navigate to the Integrations tab, click on HubSpot and then click on "Add Integration" button on the top right of the screen.

2. Click on "Connect Account" to connect your HubSpot account with Tars platform and then enter your HubSpot account credentials to authenticate the integration.

Note - Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled in your web browser to see the HubSpot account login page.

3. Once your account is authenticated, you can click on "Save and Next" to move to the field mapping section.

4. Data Mapping Section: this is where you configure the data being collected through the chatbot to the respective contact properties in HubSpot.

5. Once you have done the data mapping, click on Save and Next. On the next screen, you need to toggle the button to enable the HubSpot integration.

That's it. The integration is done.

You can now do a test submission on your chatbot and the lead should create a contact in HubSpot.

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