Tars Teams feature allows you to add your team members to your account and provide access to your chatbots to collaborate together.

Note: As the admin, you'll be able to manage your teams through the TARS Teams admin center and you will have the capability to add your first team member to your account.

To get started

If you're just starting off, you need to first create an account and get started with building your chatbot. If you're not a newbie, you probably have already seen the Teams feature on the side navigation bar of the TARS dashboard.

Now to start building a team, you need to click on "Teams" which will take you to the Teams admin panel:

As the CTA on the page suggests, you need to click on "Create a Team" to add your team members and give it a name that you can relate to. Tars Teams feature allows you to have multiple teams within your admin dashboard, so make sure you give a suitable name to the team.

Extending Chatbot Access

Once you've created a team, it's time to manage which chatbots you want to give your team members access to.

Select the chatbot(s) from the drop-down option and click on "Add to team".

Inviting Team Members and Managing Roles

Every team is different; there's no one-size-fits-all approach to collaboration. To add team members, they need to first have an account with us, if not they can sign up today to begin collaborating with you.

Once they've created an account, load in their email address and click on "Add a Member" to send them the invite to join the team you just created.

Individuals within a team can take up varied roles which will help you manage the levels of access. When you send invites to the team members, you can define their individual roles to manage your account better.

Depending on this, you can assign Manager, Maker, and Viewer roles to your team members. We've explained individual roles and detailed the role-based access control which you might find useful.

Adding Team Members

When you add team members to your account, they will auto receive an email to join your team

All they need to do is click on "Join The Team" and TA-DA!! You're now all set to collaborate with your team.

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