This article will explain how to set up WhatsApp bulk messaging campaigns inside. But there are some pre-requisites before you start off with WhatsApp campaigns:

  1. Your business should be verified by Facebook - Here's an article explaining it in detail:

  2. You should have a number which has WhatsApp Business Account API (WABA) - Check out this article on the same:

  3. A basic understanding of template messages - Template messages are the messages that are sent in WhatsApp campaigns. Here is a detailed article explaining it:

Adding a WABA Number in your TARS Account

Once you have a WABA registered number and have generated the API key, you can configure the number in your account from Settings ➡️ WhatsApp ➡️ Add a Number

One you click on Add a Number, a pop - up will ask you the number and API Key. Enter both and click on submit.

In case you have not registered for WABA through TARS and already have a Twillio WABA account, you can select Twillio from the WhatsApp API Provider dropdown and configure it.

Configuring a Chatbot in the WABA number

Once you have added a WhatsApp number in your account, you can configure any chatbot at any point in time with the WABA number. You just need to select the chatbot ➡️ Go to distribute/share ➡️ select WhatsApp and select your number from the drop down of all numbers added in your account.

Adding Template Messages

Once you have hit publish, the chatbot will start running on the number. You can test the same by sending a WhatsApp text to that number and triggering the conversation. To start with WhatsApp campaigns, you'll first need to submit a message template for WhatsApp approval. Once approved, you can start sending notifications to any opt-in list.

Templates are added at the account level and will be associated with a number irrespective of the chatbot connected to it. You can send out the approved templates using any chatbot but should be the same number. You need to select the number from your Account Settings ➡️ WhatsApp and then click on add template message.

Creating Campaigns

Campaigns can be created at the chatbot level. You'll need to go to the chatbot ➡️ distribute/share ➡️ create campaign

Once you click on that, a pop-up screen will come where you would need to name the campaign, select the template and add a list.

You can skip adding the list and in that case, the campaign will be sent to all the number who have had a conversation with your WhatsApp chatbot.

Importing Users for Campaigns

The subscriber list to whom you want to send the campaign to should be uploaded in form of .csv where the first column should have the phone number along with the country code (e.g. an Indian number 87890XXXXX should be added as 9187890XXXXX) The other columns can contain parameters that you want to add to the template message or want to refer anywhere in the chatbbot.

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