This article will explain how to set up WhatsApp bulk messaging campaigns inside. But there are some pre-requisites before you start off with WhatsApp campaigns:

  1. Your business should be verified by Facebook - Here's an article explaining it in detail:

  2. You should have a number which has WhatsApp Business Account API (WABA) - Check out this article on the same:

  3. A basic understanding of template messages - Template messages are the messages that are sent in WhatsApp campaigns. Here is a detailed article explaining it:

Adding a WABA Number in your TARS Account

Once you have a WABA registered number and have generated the API key, you can configure the number in your account from Campaigns ➡️ Business Number ➡️ Add a Number

One you click on Add a Number, you will be redirected to another screen. Enter all the details along with all the profile information

You can update, the WhatsApp profile image, bio, display name and vertical from this section

Configuring a Chatbot in the WABA number

You would see the business number added in the section but the it would say "not connected". To connect it with a chatbot, click on the edit icon

You would see all your chatbots in the dropdown, select one and click on "connect chatbot" button

Adding Template Messages

Once you have clicked "Connect Chatbot", the chatbot will start running on the number. You can test the same by sending a WhatsApp text to that number and triggering the conversation. To start with WhatsApp campaigns, you'll first need to submit a message template for WhatsApp approval. Once approved, you can start sending notifications to any opt-in list.

To submit a template message for approval, click on create template in the "message template" section.

You would be redirected to a different screen from where

  1. You can select the WABA number from where you would be sending the template message.

  2. Type of message - Text or rich media

  3. Name of the template - To make it easier to find and use in multiple campaigns

  4. Body - The message content which can be previewed in the right preview panel

Adding Audience

Before you start sending out campaigns, you would need to create audiences/lists to whom you would be sending these campaigns. You can add it from the audience section ➡️ create audience

Once you click on it, you will need to name the audience and upload/drag a .csv file in the upload section. The format of the .csv file should can be referred from the sample csv sheet which you can download from the right panel

Creating Campaigns

Once the WABA number, template and audience are ready, we can start off with the campaigns quite easily from "send notification" section. Once you go there, you would need to:

  1. Name your campaign

  2. Select the WABA number from where you want to trigger the campaign

  3. Select the campaign type: Standard or Webhook

  4. Select target audience from the list of audiences saved earlier

  5. Select the message template to be sent

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