WhatsApp Templates allows you to fetch dynamic and send dynamic values inside the message. e.g. Hey Mark, Thank you for reaching out 🙂 Here's your ticket no: 123XXX

Here "Mark" and "123XXX" are not static values and you would want to upload a list with the name and ticket number and the same should be sent corresponding to the phone number. WhatsApp template messages allows users to add these dynamic tags quite easily.

With TARS you can refer to these dynamic tags inside the chatbot quite easily with a simple tag. Refer this article in case you are new to using TARS WhatsApp Campaigns: http://help.hellotars.com/en/articles/4945742-setting-up-whatsapp-campaigns-inside-tars

Here's How you can do it:

  1. Submitting the Template with Tags: A template with dynamic tags can be sent the same way as a normal template but you need the dynamic tags like {{1}}, {{2}}, {{3}} and so on … Check out the screenshot below of the same example mentioned above:

2. Adding the Tags with your .csv subscriber list: The .csv that you'll import to send messages should have the tags in separate columns and the column name should be relevant to the tag. Here's an example:

3. Referring the tags inside the template message and inside the chatbot: Once the template is approved, We can upload the .csv in the above format and add the dynamic tags using {{urlp.column_name}}. Here column_name refers to the column header values of the parameter column. In the example discussed above, we can refer the values of Name and Ticket using {{urlp.Name}} and {{urlp.Ticket}}. We will see some boxes coming when selecting the template with tags where we'll need to add these values

The same tags can be referred inside the chatbot in any message bubble and can be sent in an API as well using {{urlp.column_name}}.

WhatsApp Session: By default a WhatsApp session expires after 24 hours from the time of last message sent. The dynamic tags also get detached from the number once the session ends.

Other System Variables that can be referred to: Other than the dynamic tags, there are some other system generated values that can be fetched dynamically inside the chatbot. These are:

  1. WhatsApp Number: The whastapp number can be fetched using the tag {{usys.wa_number}}

  2. Campaign Name: The campaign name can be fetched using the tag {{usys.campaign_name}}

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