One of the easiest ways to collect payments via a chatbot is through Razorpay Payment Integration.

Let’s say that you have built an awesome chatbot for your SaaS-based business. Now a prospective buyer is having a conversation with your business via chatbot and getting answers to some of the questions he has before he makes the payment. After he or she is convinced, you can ask the user to make the payment within the chatbot using a Razorpay payment integration. By doing this, you will make sure that the customer stays with you!

It is usually seen that with a plethora of choices, a user is likely to change his decision any minute, and hence, it’s important that you convert the user to a customer the minute they are convinced.

Does this sound like a working thing for your business? Here’s how you can easily integrate a chatbot with the Razorpay payment gateway within minutes and start accepting payment on the go.

Steps for configuring Razorpay Integration

  1. Open a gambit in your Chatbot. At the top of the gambit, you should see a dropdown, go ahead and select the Razorpay option.

  2. As the next steps, click on Add Credentials option and enter the Key ID and Key Secret information.

3. Once the credentials are added, the next step is to Prepare an Order. You can configure the information like the Amount, Currency, Company Name, Company Logo, Customer Name, Customer Email and a few are details. Please refer to the screenshot below.

4. Click on the Save option and then Publish the chatbot.

That’s it. The chatbot integration with the Razorpay payment gateway is done.

You can now do the test submission on the chatbot and you’d see the Razorpay payment gateway integrated within the chatbot.

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