Opt-ins are a very important parameter that WhatsApp considers when it comes to quality ratings and assigning messaging tier. Any growing business would want to improve their quality rating and use the maximize on the number of messages they are allowed to send on WhatsApp.

What are Opt-ins ?

An opt-in basically means that a customer has agreed to receive messages from your business. It is very important that while taking an opt-in, you specify the type of messages the business will be sending. WhatsApp's guidelines specifies that when collecting opt-ins, you must:

  • clearly state that a person is opting in to receive messages from your business over WhatsApp

  • clearly state the business’ name that a person is opting in to receive messages from

  • comply with applicable law

6 Ways to collect Opt-ins

There are a number of approaches you can take to collect opt-ins and increase your WhatsApp notification subscriber base while abiding with WhatsApp guidelines at the same time:

  1. Ask for Opt-in when anyone reaches out to you: Opt-in is basically asking someone to receive messages irrespective of the medium where you ask them. It can be asked at the first touch point that they have with your business. It can be over an email, SMS, WhatsApp and by Scanning QR code as well.

2. Promoting the number offline - It is quite easy to generate a link or QR code for a WhatsApp number along with a pre-added message. You can use these 2 assets offline to activate one channel of opt-in.

3. Through Website and Landing Page: You can place a button/icon/popup linking it with the WA chat for the business number. Website is a great channel from where you can convert a visitor to your WhatsApp subscriber. You can create a landing page as well to collect phone numbers of customers who want to receive notifications from your business.

4. Use third party channels: You can use the channels that you are already using to inform your customers about the new channel on which they can communicate. SMS, Emails and Voice are some of the channels you can explore.

5. Include Opt-in check boxes wherever you are collecting information: You can include a checkbox saying "Receive communication on WhatsApp" on contact forms, checkout pages etc.

6. Ads that click to WhatsApp: You can use this pro-tip to convert your CTRs to WhatsApp subscribers.

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