You can check all types of campaign metrics from your Campaigns dashboard. WhatsApp has a 24-hour rule meaning that the campaign analytics will have 24-hour data after the time of sending the campaign. Post 24 hrs the dynamic parameters attached to the user's phone number will also be removed.

Here's an article on dynamic parameters and how you can refer the same inside a template message and the chatbot flow:

In the campaigns dashboard, you can see check the following:

  1. Campaign Progress: This progress will tell you the delivery percentage of the template message to all users in the campaign list

  2. Sent Data: This tells the number of users on the list for the campaign

  3. Delivered Data: This tells the number of messages that have been delivered. Non-delivery of messages can be in cases of invalid numbers, the number not having a WA account and in case of no internet network in the user's phone to receive the message (WA makes 6 tries to deliver a message after which it gives a status of delivered/not delivered.

  4. Seen Data: This means the number of users who have read the message. This data is not tracked for users who have not enabled read receipts.

  5. Responded Data: The number of users who have responded to the template message and triggered the chatbot.

Other than campaign-specific data, there is a summary of total delivered, seen and responded data that you can see above your list of campaigns:

NOTE: In case a user replies 24 hrs after the execution of the campaign, the data will be retrieved from the Data/Analyse section but as mentioned earlier, other dynamic parameters (like campaign name, the campaign sent date, etc.) won't be retrieved.

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