WhatsApp Business recently rolled out interactive message feature which enables businesses to use interactive elements like buttons and list menus to interact with their audience on WhatsApp. During testing, chatbots using interactive messaging features achieved significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based. This also resulted in higher engagement and quick responses rather than the previous text based responses where the user had to type out the selection.

This feature is now available in TARS chatbot builder where you can change the multiple choice input type (buttons, cards and auto-suggest) as interactive buttons and list.


  1. List or reply buttons cannot be used inside template messages (business initiated messages). In media and interactive template messages we can use call to action and quick reply buttons only.

  2. The character limit of each button/list option is 20 characters only. In case the text exceeds the limit only the first 20 characters would be visible in option.

  3. We cannot have list view for less than 3 options. It will take the button UI by default.

  4. The row description can be takes the content from options Val in case of buttons and auto-suggest input type. For cards, it takes the content from the card description.

  5. Emojis are not supported inside the button options.

In order to implement the same inside your WhatsApp chatbot, you can reach out to your CSM as the feature is yet to be released in the builder dashboard for end customers.

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