We all know that by default chatbot looks somewhat like this

Boring right?

That is what we at TARS thought to ourselves. We wanted the chatbots to resemble a human, but nobody wants to interact with a boring person, so why would they interact with a boring chatbot, makes sense right? Hence we wanted our chatbots to be as colorful, vibrant and filled with life as our users want them to be.

So with TARS you can create beautiful, lively and vibrant chatbots which reflect your personality/brand and you can change a boring chatbot template to something like this.

And the best part is that all the changes can be changed in a few seconds. It is that simple to use. So without wasting your time let us jump straight to how we can change the design of our chatbots.

So once you click on a chatbot, you'll see something like this

Click on the design section highlighted in the image above and then click the design tab. You would see a screen similar to the one below

Once you click on design tab, a chatbot opens up to the right side along with two options i.e. Theme and Custom.


In the themes option you will be able to see a number of pre-made templates and you can select one of your choice and see the changes on your chatbot on the right.

You can also see how it would look like in different devices from the device icons in the top right corner

Once you have decided on a template that best matches your brand guidelines or your personality, you see then click on save changes and template will be saved for your chatbot.


In case if you would like to further customize or don't want any of the pre-made themes your chatbot then click on the custom tab.

Once you click on the custom tab then click on message bubble. You would be able to customize the bot message bubble and user message bubble from here. Click on the one you want to change.

Now you have option to change

  1. Font type

  2. Font size

  3. Text color

  4. Background

For example if you want to change the font type of the bot bubble then you have select the font option in the Bot Bubble section and from the drop-down select any font type you like and then click on save changes.

This is how we can change the attributes in the user bubble as well.

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