With our latest product update, businesses can now hyper-optimize their chatbots using a brand-new User Flow Analytics View that displays key engagement stats like number of people who have seen, responded and dropped off for each gambit present in the latest published chatbot.

Benefits of this feature.

  • Identify relevant patterns in the customer behavior

  • Reduce drop-off rates.

For example, if a marketing chatbot collects intrusive personal data before pitching its actual solution, users are likely to exit the conversation before they derive value.

With our latest product update, businesses can not only identify this critical pattern but also pinpoint the precise gambit that contains the conversational bottleneck for users.

How? By using these 3 Key Metrics in our User Flow Analytics View:

  • Seen: That is, the total number of user views each gambit has received.

  • Responded: That is, the total number of users who responded to each gambit.

  • Dropped Off: % of users who dropped off from each gambit.

How Can You Hyper-Optimize Your Chatbots With User Flow Analytics?

Let me show you how.

  1. Click on the Make section under Build Chatbot on the left sidebar

  2. Toggle from the Build view to the User Flow Analytics view.

    This is the default view we have to click the small bar graph icon to enter into the User Flow Analytics.

    Now we have entered into the User Flow Analytics view.

  3. Identify the Gambits which have a high drop-off rates - These are the conversational bottlenecks that need optimization.

For example, in the above image we can see that the Gambit gid_2, is seen by 12 people but 11 responses.

4. Click on the gambit (gid_2) for which you would like to see insights.

Once you click on the Gambit you will now be able to see the stats in each cases. In the above gambit we can see that out of 12 people 11 have responded and one individual has dropped off. This enables you to identify the gambits which has the maximum drop-offs and helps you take necessary actions or make small changes in the contents of the gambit.

5. We can further segregate the data by selecting the All Stats or Specific version Stats.

Click on the dropdown menu and select any of the two options.

  • All Stats - Statistics from when the chatbot was 1st live till the selected version

  • Version Specific Stats - Only statistics for the time period, when the selected version was last published.

To view data for any selected version click on the dropdown menu as shown in the image. Then select the version for which you want to check the data.

6. Switch to Build View, and then click on the relevant gambit to modify its contents. Keep in mind your end goal: incentivize users to continue conversing with the chatbot.

7. Once you publish the optimized chatbot, don’t forget to check back in with the User Flow Analytics View to track how your chatbot is performing!

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