This article will explain how to schedule Whatsaap Campaigns inside Tars. But before that you need to know how to create these Whatsaap Campaigns first. Here is a detailed article explaining it:

Now that you know how to set up Whatsapp campaigns let us move on to the Schedule section.

Previously we just had one Send button which when clicked sent notifications to the users instantly. But now we have added a Schedule feature which allows you to schedule a date and time (up to 30 days) for the users to get the notifications accordingly.

In this case I want my audience to receive notifications tomorrow at 12:30 pm (i.e. 11/03/2022 at 12:30 pm).

So let us schedule a campaign accordingly.

Schedule Whatsapp Campaign

  1. After entering the Campaign details click on Schedule button

2. Once you click on schedule a Schedule Campaign dialogue box opens up.

You can select a date of your choice. This can be done by clicking on the Calendar button ( encircled by a red rectangle). In my case it would be 11/03/2022.

Similarly, click on the Clock button ( red arrow) an select a time. In my case it is 12:30 pm).

Click on Schedule and you are done. The Campaign will start at the specified date and time.

Cancel Scheduled Campaigns

To cancel the scheduled campaigns please follow the following steps

  1. Click on Reports in the Campaign option

  2. A dialogue box appears on the right side which shows the status of campaigns.

  3. Now scroll to the right and click on the arrow for the campaign which you want to cancel.

  4. Once you click on the arrow a dialogue box appears

Click on Cancel Campaign and the campaign will get cancelled.

Please note that cancellation is allowed 30 mins before the scheduled date and time.

This is how you can cancel scheduled Whatsapp Campaigns.

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