To reduce the friction of collecting a user's location, we built the Geolocation Autosuggest UI.

By allowing users to type out an address with the new Autosuggest feature, users can easily share a more accurate location, thus reducing friction and increasing the likelihood of them completing a conversation.

1. Open a Gambit and select Geolocation from the Input UI dropdown.

2. In the configuration area, select "Map" from the dropdown menu.

If you are making a bot for your website, you can provide them with the "Auto Suggestion" option as well. Click here to learn more about how to use the "Auto Suggest" option for your website bot.

3. Save the gambit and press the "Publish Chatbot" button.

And that’s pretty much it! Your bot will have geolocation autosuggestions integrated.

In WhatsApp, the end-user will have to share their current or live location with the bot. If they type the address instead of sharing the location, the bot will not move forward and ask the next question.

Below are the snaps with some examples.

Example 1: The bot is asking for the location, and the user shares the location from the WhatsApp location sharing option itself. The Bot recognized the location and moved forward to ask the next question.

The bot is asking to share the location:

The user shares the location:

Now, follow the below snaps where the bot is again asking to share the location, but this time the user types their location instead of native sharing.

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