Widget customization is now possible from the TARS dashboard itself. In order to customize your widget please follow the steps as mentioned below

Once on your TARS dashboard, go to Design section.

Click on Widget Design.

Once you click on the Widget Design, a widget customization dashboard opens up.

This is further divided into 2 parts

  • The left side of the screen which contains all the widget customization options like Widget Icon, Callout message bubble and position.

  • The right side of the screen contains the Widget Preview section. In this section, all the customization that is made to the widget can be seen as a preview.

Widget Icon

In this section the users can upload any custom image and that as the Widget icon. This can be done by clicking on the Upload Logo button in the Upload Custom Icon tab and selecting any image that you want to set as widget icon and then hit Open.

You can also choose from a predefined list of icons from the Default Icon.


You have the option to select the size of the widget icon. This can be done by clicking on the dropdown button in the Size tab.

You can select any one of the three options

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large


You can also select the shape of your widget icon. Click on the dropdown button in the Shape tab, and select the shape of the widget icon as per your liking. You can select anyone of the 2 widget icon shapes

  • Square

  • Circle

Background Color

To change the background color of the widget icon you can click on the dropdown arrow on the background color tab and select any color of your choice. You can view the changes on the right side of the screen in the Widget Preview section.

Also, if you want to remove the background color from the widget icon you can do that by disabling the background color option.

Callout Message Bubble

You can also change the callout message bubble for your chatbot widget. To make the changes click on the Callout Message tab and type whatever callout message you feel is fit for your bot. You can also check the Widget Preview tab on the right side to see how the chatbot would appear in your website and make changes accordingly. Please note that max character limit for the Callout Message is 80.


In this section you can change the position of the widget and move the widget across the screen. To change the alignment of the chatbot widget click on the Alignment tab.

By default the alignment is set as Right, but you can select left or right as per your liking. To check how the end result would look you can also check the Widget Preview section on the right side.

You can also move the widget up and down the screen based on your liking.

To move the widget 'up' and 'down' click on the arrows on the Bottom tab. To move the widget up click on the arrow button pointing up and vice versa for moving the widget down.

You can see the changes in the Widget Preview section on the right side of your screen.

To move the widget sideways click on the 'up' and 'down' button on the Side tab.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the changes and the positioning of your widget you can click on the green Save Changes button and the hit on Publish Chatbot.

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