To create canned responses, you need to go to settings as shown in the image below.

Then in the top right corner of the page, you need to click on Add canned response.

And then you will be able to see two sections Short Code and Content.

  • Short Code: Name of the canned response

  • Content: The body message should be added in this section.

Once you are done, click on the submit button.

You can view all the canned responses added by you when you click on the settings button. You can edit/delete the saved templates in this section.

To use the canned response, you need to enter the short code followed by forward slash “/” in the reply window

Ex: This feature will be helpful if there are any messages that you are sending to all your customers such as welcome messages, call requests, etc. Where agents can use canned response instead of typing it always or copy-pasting it.

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