On-domain deployment means that you can have the chatbot link as mydomain.com/chat instead of it being mydomain.hellotars.com/conv/XxXxXx

This is useful when you are sharing the chatbot link via email or facebook or any other social channel and want to reflect your own brand.

Here is how to do this in your TARS Dashboard: admin.hellotars.com

  1. Go to "Distribute" section of your ConvBot and download the html file.

  1. This html file is specific to that particular ConvBot

  2. Now upload this html file on your server on any url of your choice. That's it.

Pro Tip: If you want the bot URL to be something like https://mydomain.com/chat-with-me then you can rename this html file to index.html and put it in a folder named chat-to-me.

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