Once you have built a bot and shared it with people you might be wondering how you can check the data generated by each conversation. This can be done by going to the Check Data tab on the left side of the bot builder:

Once you click on this tab you will see the option to view & Export data. Post this, you will be able to view all the data submissions that came through the chatbot. You can further refine it to full data and partial data. Also, you can select a particular date range for the same.

Full data is all the data generated when a user completes the entire conversation with the bot. While on the other hand, partial data refers to an incomplete conversation or rather when the user does not go through the entire bot conversation. 

Partial data can help you retrieve information related to where a user has dropped off and provides you an opportunity to make changes in the bot flow. 

The same data can be exported as a CSV file from your builder. 

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