Multiple Option

One of the most popular input UI methods in TARS is the buttons option which gives users fixed options that they can select from.

We understand however that sometimes, you might want to allow users to select multiple options. That is why we have included the multiple bubble input option.

If you turn this option on, then users can press multiple buttons before messaging for the next gambit is sent to them. They will be provided with a done button to indicate to the bot when they have finished selecting options.

Look at the example below to see how this works:

Optional Input

When a user is using a bot, there are some types of information which users might not feel comfortable sharing with the bot (e.g. contact details, name). This should not prevent them from using the rest of the bot.

That is why we have provided the optional input option.

When this option is turned on, users will be provided with a prompt saying they can press Pass to skip answering the current question, and a button titled Pass in the input bar. On pressing this button, they will be moved to the next question in the flow.

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