September 2022

13th September 2022

  • Added the updated phone number for SMS preview in chatbot template pages.

9th September 2022

  • Fixed Conversation Routing Logic for Live Chat.

    • Now if all agents are offline, chats will go to unassigned instead of being assigned to every agent in a round-robin manner

    • If any agent is online, then round-robin logic will be followed while excluding the offline agents.

  • Added a "Switch Layout Option” to switch between a dual-panel or single-panel layout in the dashboard.

  • Added bulk select for resolving conversations.

  • Added new overview report to see live count of incoming conversation for the entire account and each agent.

8th September 2022

  • Added support for legacy schema for API Gambit in the new gambit modal.

7th September 2022

Mega-Update for New Chatbot Interface

  • Added a new chatbot interface with updates to the sidebar and dashboard UI.

  • Changed the UI/UX of the Make Section

  • Changed the layout of several rarely used options wherein they were moved from the front to the inside menus, such that they won't clutter the screen.

  • Added a new video tutorial and billing screen.

  • Added an updated menu bar for the chatbot screen, which also fixes a bug in Safari and Firefox wherein launch button wouldn't work if a previously opened tab was closed.

6th September 2022

  • Added the New Gambit Modal 👇🏼

    • We've kept the fallback functionality, so you can still go to /make/old route to see the old gambit modal.

    • In this release, anyone can use Custom JS (view, edit, or save) for web chatbots.

2nd September 2022

  • Changed the Home Page copy for UI/UX improvements to the page.

  • Added End User Column Flexibility to the Integration.

  • Fixed bugs in referencing webhook campaign input parameters.

  • Fixed bug causing soft lock on web live chat, wherein users were no longer able to enter live chat unless they reset their browser data.

  • Fixed how the web live chat handles contacts stored on end users’ browsers.

  • Fixed error messages to ensure end uses can debug the issues with live chat.

1st September 2022

  • Fixed bugs in the Live Chat dashboard wherein for some users previous conversation tabs that were not visible, are accessible now.

August 2022

30th August 2022

  • Added an SMS Preview option in every chatbot template page.

29th August 2022

  • Changed the Partners Page with new design and new framework (Next.js).

  • Added chatbot routing support in the SMS channel. An end user can now route their conversation to any chatbot within the chatbot owner's account with the help of the same command: /switch convid.

  • Added Media/MMS support in the SMS channel.

  • Added Custom.js support in the SMS channel.

26th August 2022

25th August 2022

  • Added Outlook login option on the Sign Up and Login Page.

24th August 2022

  • Changed Monday Webhook Integration to version 2.0. Now, multiple Monday webhook integrations are possible per Tars Account.

  • Added Referencing Webhook Campaign's Input Parameters:

    • This update can be used with Monday integration to send WA notification to an end user in which the ID of the Monday Board's row can be passed as an input parameter which can later be accessed to update that specific row's details.

    • The user_id of the Monday account can be passed as an input parameter and later can be accessed in the chatbot flow to update the user's details.

    • The ID of the board can also be passed and later used to update any column of any row in the chatbot flow for that board.

18th August 2022

  • Added an option to Sign Up / Sign In with Google and LinkedIn.

10th August 2022

Mega Update for Demo Page

  • Changed the design of the demo page using Next.js

  • Added Why Book a Demo? section to the demo page.

  • Added customer reviews to the demo page.

  • Added an achievements section to the demo page.

  • Added support for multiple WebEngage integrations per account more efficiently.

  • Added Account Overview section for Live Chat Analytics.

  • Added All Agent Overview Section and Download as CSV’ option in the top right corner, as part of Live Chat Analytics.

  • Added an Inbox Section. For now it is the same as Overview Section but has a download option to download reports for the overall account.

5th August 2022

  • Added integration with WebEngage for sending WhatsApp notification through webhook campaigns.

4th August 2022

  • Changed the position of the Features and Benefits section to the top (left of the Chatbot Preview) rather than at bottom.

  • Changed the position of the share option to a dedicated modal on the right side of the Chatbot Preview.

  • Added a hover effect on the Preview on WhatsApp button.

3rd August 2022

  • Added Support for Voice Notes such that if the user records a voice note it will appear as an Audio File in view data.

  • Added an update wherein WhatsApp users can send Images, Videos, Documents, Audio, Voice Notes, and Geo-Location to their Live Chat Agent, and vice-versa.


July 2022

27th July 2022

  • Added Solution Page with a new design and a new framework (Next JS).

  • Added webhook integrations

  • Added support for Dynamic Media URLs for Webhook Campaigns

26th July 2022

  • Fixed two WhatsApp bugs

    • Bubbles with unsupported image type on WhatsApp (Ex. gif) will still be sent to the user without the image, hence preserving the message in the bubble (Previously the bubble would not appear).

    • If a file is uploaded with a document attachment, the link to it will be URL friendly, as in there would be no spaces and the name will be unique (This is to make it the same web chatbot).

22nd July 2022

  • Fixed three bugs in the server API call.

19th July 2022

  • Added French support in calendar and date roll input UI.

18th July 2022

  • Added a Preview On WhatsApp option to preview existing chatbot templates in WhatsApp.

14th July 2022

  • Added a No Input UI to the new gambit modal.

  • Added auto-complete text for filter in condition for easy searching in the Conditional Jump UI.

7th July 2022

  • Added an update wherein the Home Page has been revamped with a new design and new framework.

5th July 2022

  • Added branching options for Live Chat gambit wherein the first branch executes when an agent is online and has resolved the conversations, and the second branch executes when no agents are online.

June 2022

30th June 2022

Mega Update on Native Live Chat

  • Added multi-agent support for live chat wherein multiple user accounts can be added as agent accounts to another live chat enabled account.

  • Added an update wherein, by default, when a new chat appears, live chat will pick someone who is free to attend the chats, this means if you have unresolved chats you're considered busy and the chat will be automatically assigned to another person.

29th June 2022

  • Fixed a UI bug in the TARS widget wherein the fab (floating action button) and chatbot widget were not aligned properly.

28th June 2022

  • Added Date and Time Input UI in new gambit modal.

  • Added an update wherein calendar and time slot, date scroller, and time scroller have been combined in the the new gambit modal.

27th June 2022

  • Fixed a bug wherein saving empty white-label URL and display fields used to add utm object inside the chatbot object which is why users couldn't use white-labelling options from account settings for that chatbot.

15th June 2022

  • Added a card input UI for the dashboard, carrying forward the old card input, along with the option of duplicating a card.

14th June 2022

  • Added chatbot routing feature in WhatsApp wherein👇🏼

    • Added an update whereby if the user provides /switch bot command followed by the desired convid (command becomes -> /switch convid), the conversational flow of the chatbot of the provided convid will take over, i.e. they will have a conversation with the switched chatbot.

    • Added a new term, “Master Chatbot”, for a chatbot published on the business number on which conversation takes place on WhatsApp.

    • Added a new term, “Mapped/Routed Chatbot”, for a chatbot that is switched to using /switch bot command.

8th June 2022

  • Added an update in the New Gambit Modal wherein👇🏼

    • Removed 3 and 4-star ratings.

    • Removed the multiple input option.

    • Added new 10-star input (for web only).

    • Added a preview for rating.

6th June 2022

  • Added Auto-Suggestions in the New Gambit Modal wherein all the data (of pre-defined auto-suggestions like US states, Indian cities, etc.) will be fetched from source code instead of google sheet API.

  • Added click away listener in input selection popper i.e. now users can click anywhere outside of the popper to close input selection popper.

1st June 2022

  • Added two Input UIs, Media upload, and Geo-Location, in the new Gambit Modal, wherein they have a dedicated settings section of their own.

May 2022

30th May 2022

  • Added an update wherein the Distribute and Widget Design Sections have been made public for everyone.

  • Fixed the UI in the Distribute Section.

  • Changed the default images in the widget design section.

  • Added Go to Chatbot link for used numbers inside the add WhatsApp number dropdown.

  • Changed the placement of the Add WhatsApp number inside the dropdown.

  • Added an update wherein a chatbot can be shared across teams and the role of the members for the shared chatbot will be decided based on which team has the highest role for that member, e.g. if Chatbot A is shared across two teams: Team one and Team two, and Bot Maker 'M' is a VIEWER in Team one and a MAKER in Team two, then 'M' can also edit the chatbot since MAKER > VIEWER.

  • Fixed a bug in Fetching Chatbot Version API where previously if the conv_data.json file of a chatbot was large in size, the conversion of the file from Amazon S3 buffer to Text was failing.

27th May 2022

  • Added Button IUI into the New Gambit Modal wherein

    • The individual button setting includes data iterator and button external link

    • Settings Section would show settings related to (whole) button IUI which includes Skip Option, Multiple Input, WhatsApp native UI, Branching, and Send on tap.

  • Added Input Selection popper using which user can switch/select other inputs.

  • Added dedicated router to fix the issue of infinite loading on /old or /new route for gambit modal.

25th May 2022

  • Fixed the issue of gambits disappearing on loading of the Make Section.

  • Fixed the glitch of gambits while dragging and dropping and reduced API calls made from the front end.

13th May 2022

  • Changed the schedule a demo button in the chatbot templates such that it would now lead to the page.

  • Changed the breadcrumb dropdown from use-cases to industries.

12th May 2022

  • Added an update in the chatbot frontend in which there will be a configuration for the new widget design section update.

  • Added an important feature update for integrating SMS conversation functionality with Tars chatbots using Twilio wherein basic bot commands such as /reset will work, text input gambits (multiple bubbles and no input gambits) will be supported, and the conversation data can be viewed in the View Data Section.

  • Changed the schedule a demo button in the chatbot templates such that it would now lead to the [](<>) page.

  • Changed the breadcrumb dropdown from use-cases to industries.

  • Added an update in the chatbot frontend in which there will be a configuration for the new widget design section update.

  • Added an update for integrating SMS conversation functionality with Tars chatbots using Twilio wherein basic bot commands such as /reset will work, text input gambits (multiple bubbles and no input gambits) will be supported, and the conversation data can be viewed in the View Data Section.

9th May 2022

  • Fixed a bug in which the recover page that used to appear after clicking on the reset password link in the Settings/Security section was not working.
    6th May 2022

6th May 2022

Mega Update of Native Live chat v1

  • Added an update whereby the Livechat option can be enabled in the Account Dashboard by selective accounts from the Super Admin Section.

  • Added the Livechat gambit which will be visible in the gambit modals dropdown, alongside Zendesk Livechat and Google Calendar.

  • Added an update wherein the agent will be considered offline if they close the Livechat dashboard or navigates to any other screen. In such a case, end-users will be asked for email and queries which will be available in the Livechat dashboard.

  • Added an update whereby Livechat access for the Tars account can be disabled and re-enabled anytime, but this will not affect previous data, and once re-enabled all the previous data can be accessed.

  • Added an update wherein agents will be able to see the previous conversations if the end-user interacts with Livechat again.

2nd May 2022

  • Added the URL of YouTube videos in the gallery banner. This URL will be fetched from Notion CMS.

  • Changed the position of Industry and Use-Case in tabs wherein Industry will be the default tab for both /chatbot-templates and /chatbot-templates/category pages.

April 2022

28th April 2022

  • Added a new field called CTP Grid Position under the SEO Settings tab in configure section, using which a publisher can add a special flag to a chatbot which will define its position number in the chatbot grid on the chatbot template page and in the chatbot template section in dashboard.

  • Changed the URL from a permanent redirect to a proper homepage which will now act as a root page for all the other chatbot-templates pages.

  • Added high-rated chatbots, SEO-optimized meta content, and frequently used templates as a carousel for the best user experience.


27th April 2022

  • Added an update wherein execution stats for scheduled campaigns will be included, similar to standard campaigns.

26th April 2022

  • Added a new attribute called execution_stats in the campaign object for standard non-scheduled campaigns.

  • Fixed a bug whereby a chatbot from a business number will not be unpublished if a campaign is running.

20th April 2022

  • Added an update wherein every chatbot template card will have the screenshot of the chatbot itself as the preview image (fetched through CloudFront bucket).

14th April 2022

  • Fixed a bug where sending multiple inputs in Full Name, Email, Mobile, and Mobile 10 digits were breaking the flow of the chatbot.

13th April 2022

  • Added sitemap.xml for which consists of all the static category pages URL our chatbot-templates site has.

  • Added server-sitemap.xml for which collects all the chatbots from the category page and structures them into URLsets.

11th April 2022

  • Added an update in the super admin section wherein the white label text can be changed. If left empty, it will switch back to default i.e. Chatbot Tars.

  • Added an update in the super admin section wherein the white label URL can be changed. If left empty, it will link to the chatbot template pages, by default.

  • Added an update in the super admin section wherein the CSS of the chatbot can be changed and given different stylings.

  • Added JS Custom Code in the super admin section which is similar to conv-action-fns which was earlier in the Make Section.

  • Fixed CSS bugs from Configure Section V1.

  • Fixed Google ads and Facebook pixel images.

6th April 2022

Added an update wherein new content, including FAQs, was added to one individual chatbot template page.

  • Added an update wherein the old configure section can be viewed by changing the URL to configure_section.

  • Changed the Super Admin section to SEO settings.

  • Added an update whereby correct values along with percentage values for stat metrics (sent, delivered, read, responded) will be showcased.

  • Added Failed Notification and Amount Spent in the Campaigns Reports section to show the number of failed notifications and the total amount spent in a particular campaign.

  • Added color-coded status for campaigns, using Native MUI buttons.

5th April 2022

Fixed two bugs pertaining to the execution of scheduled campaigns and capturing of partial and full conversation data.

1st April 2022

  • Added new content in the FAQ sections for chatbot template category pages to improve SEO rankings.

  • Added new preview images to chatbot cards on category pages.

March 2022

31st March 2022

  • Added an update wherein normal select dropdowns have been converted to autocomplete components in Send Notifications section, Reports section, Message Templates section, Business number section.

29th March 2022

  • Added an update wherein three features of Make Section i.e. import json, export json, and code view are grouped into one menu.

25th March 2022

  • Added an internal update in Chatbot Template Publishing System wherein filters are added in the My Chatbot section. For designers, these filters would be All bots, Submitted for Review bots and Not Submitted for Review bots, and for publishers, these filters would be All bots, Published as Example bots, Published as Copyable Template bots, Not Published as Example bots and Not Published as Copyable Template bots.

  • Added an update wherein chatbot can send video message bubble as session messages on WhatsApp.

24th March 2022

  • Added an update wherein the user can now edit Cost Multiplier input for both user cost and business cost in Reconciliation Modal.

  • Added an update In Tars Cost for user initiated messages wherein it now uses estimate cost instead of final cost.

23rd March 2022

  • Added an update whereby Overview, Case-studies, and FAQ tabs will have their own page.

  • Added an update wherein category pages and preview pages will have one H1 each.

22nd March 2022

  • Changed the WhatsApp Message Templates section such that users can submit a message template without text header content.

  • Removed asterisk ( * ) from the field label since the text header field is optional.

17th March 2022

  • Changed the server handling campaigns which had more than 100k audience. The new one sends them with high reliability and availability.

  • Added an update whereby chatbot template designers can easily submit their chatbot using Submit to Review button in General section of Configure View. Whereas publishers can review the work and publish it to chatbot template pages.

Mega Update on Chatbot Template

  • Added new Templates, Overview, Case Studies and FAQ tabs.

  • Added an update whereby cards with chatbot image will have hovering state for now. Other cards will have open state as default.

16th March 2022

  • Added a confirmation modal for when a user tries to retry (or re-send) failed notification.

  • Added a confirmation modal for when a user sends a Standard campaign.

  • Added a reconciliation Patch API wherein cost adjustments can be reconciled as provided in the request.

  • Fixed decimal point places in Credits Calculation.

15th March 2022

  • Added an update whereby name of the Data view and Export section has been changed to View & Export Section.

  • Changed some features in the export modal:

    • the var IDs are arranged in three different groups- Basic info, Goal Gambits, and User Submissions.

    • Selecting the group checkbox selects all the varids in that group.

    • groups which do not have var IDs will not show in the modal.

  • Added a button which redirects users to new data view section (Previous Export section is still there).

  • Added an update whereby previous Data-View section can still be reached by changing the URL

  • Fixed the images and gifs grid from Unsplash and Giphy.

14th March 2022

Removed Airtable integration from the dashboard, since the framework used to build it did not have an open-source license.

10th March 2022

Mega Update on Campaign Scheduling

  • Added feature of scheduling one-time campaigns (user can set the time) using a 'Schedule' button.

  • Added the option of cancelling any scheduled campaigns, and re-running one-time campaigns.

  • Added the campaign completion email notification— e-mails which are configured in the Chatbot Configure section will now receive an email on campaign completion which would display the campaign stats. The email notification with also contain a link to the campaign report section on the dashboard.

9th March 2022

  • Added the Retry button in the Report section of campaigns to retry campaign execution.

  • Fixed the bug for Credits Calculation, wherein there was a difference between the expected refund amount and actual refunded amount.

  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect chatbot (chatbot not configured with the campaign) could be referenced in the email.

4th March 2022

  • Added update whereby email will be sent to everyone in the chatbot's email notification list, after the completion of a campaign.

3rd March 2022

  • Added MUI alerts in the Whatsapp Campaign Section which will show the error if something goes wrong.

February 2022

28th February 2022

  • Added the Remove Logo functionality in the design section.

  • Changed the Credits Reconciliation Report API (for the new pricing)

27th February 2022

  • Changed the cloud provider. Now we’re using Vercel to deploy chatbot template. Consequently, all events are showing up in the Google Analytics dashboard; page load performance of chatbot template pages have improved.

25th February 2022

  • Fixed Calendar & Time Input UI with Multiple Bubble Input attribute Enabled stopping the Web Chatbot Conversation flow.

  • Fixed Autosuggestion Input UI with two attributes Multiple Bubble Input and Allow only list items Enabled accepting any input given (even if it is not in pre-defined auto-suggestion list).

17th February 2022

Added an update to the Chatbot Template Page , wherein following updates were made:

  • Changed the design of the page— implemented some best practices to increase the page load time; built this on a new tech called NEXTjs for performance optimization; if a customer can’t find a preferred template, the system forwards their query to Hubspot.

  • Added content to help in increasing SEO performance.

  • Added the Chatbot Template Preview, Carousel, option to share URL of the chatbot template ⤵️

  • Added more CTAs into the chatbot templates grid.

15th February 2022

  • Added a small update for allowing processing of large CSV sheets during Audience Creation. Thereby fixed the following error⤵️

  • Changed the Maximum Allowed Campaign Execution Time from 30 mins to 12 hours for allowing execution of large campaigns, wherein, a more structured error message will be sent for failed notifications of a campaign.

11th February 2022

Fixed WhatsApp Channel bugs, such that:

  • Bold formatting will work even when spaces are around the text [same behaviour as web chatbot]

  • Links that work on web chatbot will work on WhatsApp, and will no longer stop the chatbot conversation flow.

  • Iframes will be turned into hyperlinks, which then WhatsApp can generate previews for.

  • Choice-based inputs (Buttons and Cards) will no longer append the user's choice in round brackets anymore so if the user chooses option 1 it will come as option 1 instead of option 1 (1). [same behaviour as web chatbot]

9th February 2022

  • Fixed bugs related to the Save Changes button and some functionality bugs.

8th February 2022

  • Added Zendesk Live Chat integration with Tars WhatsApp Engagement Suite.

4th February 2022

  • Added a small update to convdash such that campaigns can now be sent from customers based in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

1st February 2022

  • Added update such that refund for failed notifications of a campaign will now take place after the campaign's completion, which will⤵️

    • add another receipt in credits section signifying the refund amount.

    • in remarks, notify for how many failed notifications the refund is based on.

  • Changed credits calculation and deduction system to accommodate the new pricing update introduced by Facebook for WhatsApp Business Number users.

    Earlier the customers were charged for each notification sent (Notification Based Pricing), now, the customer will be charged for each conversation (Conversation Based Pricing).

    Kindly go through this document for more context.

    This update includes⤵️

    • New Prices for each type of conversation for each country.

    • Old Cost Multiplier is deprecated and replaced by two new multipliers: Business Initiated and User Initiated for respective types of conversation.

    • The deduction of credits for running a campaign now will be against the campaign's estimated cost. Which means the credits report section will show the receipt as soon as the campaign is initiated and will show the estimated deduction and not the actual deduction.

    • For a campaign's failed notifications or notifications sent to end users who are in the free 24 hour window of a conversation, the amount of these will be refunded on reconciliation.

    • The credits reconciliation will show a receipt in the credits report section with all the necessary details.

    • Minimum credits balance for running a webhook campaign is increased from 10 to 500 credits.

    • User Initiated conversations are not going to be charged straight away but will incur on reconciliation.

    • Database changes for a new Account based Credits storage system.

    • Database changes for a new Business Number based End User Conversation storage system.

January 2022

25th January 2022

Fixed bug in Zendesk Live Chat integration, wherein chat was automatically getting ended when the gambit which initialises the Zendesk Live Chat, was being looped.

24th January 2022

Mega-Update of Design Section under 'Build Chatbot'.

  • Added neat and clean components by Material UI.

  • Added separate sections for theme and custom design, while making theme tiles much more intuitive.

  • Added choice of different fonts for bot bubble and user bubble from 12 most famous fonts in 2021.

  • Added choice of different font sizes (range for font size is 12 px - 24px)

  • Added choice of different text colours for bot bubble and user bubble, such that a user can either pick colour from colour picker or enter the HEX value directly.

  • Added 'drag and drop' functionality in upload image section.

19th January 2022

  • Backend-Update for Tars WhatsApp Engagement, implemented in order to get a better understanding of errors occurring for failed notifications of a campaign.

11th January 2022

  • Fixed bugs for WhatsApp Campaigns, such that old campaigns will be supported in Reports Sections; as well as added validation in upload media template. Now users won't be able to send campaigns unless they upload valid media files ( only in case of rich media templates )

  • Added an update to validate emails in configure section. Now only valid emails (with valid format ) will be sent to backend. All the invalid emails will be discarded in Email Notification (inside Configure Section)

10th January 2022

  • Added Userflow Analytics v.3, wherein ⤵️

    • Added feature such that clicking on gambit will now zoom the selected gambit a bit ( 1.22x ) to dead center of the canvas with animated edges. Clicking on other gambit will stop all previous animations.

    • Fixed a bunch of CSS issues, eg: overflowing long gambit names, component alignment etc.

    • Added i button to explain the functionality of both drop downs in Userflow Analytics Section

    • Added MUI Loader on page load / refresh.

    • Fixed issues with functionality of handles while moving across different chatbot versions.

7th January 2022

  • Fixed a bug wherein if email ids field in chatbot configure section was left empty then the KSA server was crashing during sending email for partial and full data submission.

6th January 2022

  • Fixed small bug in updateAccount API

December 2021

29th December 2021

  • Fixed a small bug in convflowreceive to check account balance against campaign's cost with the campaign cost multiplier

  • Fixed a small bug and thereby solved the issue with creation of message template.

28th December 2021

  • Added Variable Multiplier for Campaigns: now campaigns (standard and webhook) will use the latest campaign cost multiplier which is set on user account.

  • Fixed Credits Calculation Bug whereby if all the notifications in a campaign fails to be delivered then the credits used will now be added back to available credits on user account.

  • Mega-Update (Design) of Campaign Section:

    • Added new native MUI design to give a clean look, for both Campaign and Account Settings Sections.

    • Added CSV validation for Add Audience Form i.e. now user can only upload CSV file while creating audience in the Campaign Section.

    • Added new icons and images for a refreshed look.

24th December 2021

  • Changed (minorly) the way gambits look visually on the dashboard.

  • Added support for campaign cost multiplier in webhook campaigns

  • Fixed bug in webhook campaign's API response wherein available_balance_in_account was sometimes inconsistent with account credits shown in dashboard.

23rd December 2021

  • Fixed the Media Header Templates bug

    • Changed position of upload box from Create Message Template to Send Notification Screen

    • Added update whereby users can now upload different media files for the same media message template.

    • Added File Size and File type validation for media file upload

22nd December 2021

  • Added v.1 of User Flow Analytics

    • Added feature whereby user can now toggle between build view and user flow analytics view from Make Section to get stats info ( # of Seen , # of Responded, # of Drop-offs ) for each gambit present in latest published chatbot.

    • Added feature whereby users will be able to view the ratio of users branching out to different gambits ( both in percentage as well as in absolute numbers).

    • Added a new polished look for gambits in both Make as well as Analytics view.

  • Fixed rare bug wherein after execution of a standard campaign the price was not being deducted from the maker's account.

21st December 2021

  • Added a small update relating to nav buttons in card input; wherein the behaviour is now as follows:

    • If the user is viewing the chatbot on mobile in a widget, they would not be able to see the nav buttons.

    • If the user is viewing the chatbot on Laptop/Desktop in a widget, they would be able to see the nav buttons.

  • Fixed a bug a in our existing Zendesk Live Chat integration, wherein both end users and live chat agents can end the live chat session, with the conversation going back to chatbot.

14th December 2021

  • Added updates to the Chatbot Version API. With this update there are some changes in the API which are primarily request and response schema changes to provide more insight into the chatbot version.

10th December 2021

  • Added update whereby users can now send Media Message template (image, video or document ) from Send Notification Screen.

  • Fixed long media file names overflowing and pushing WA Preview out of screen.

  • Added update whereby users can create Media Message Template with parameterized body text.

  • Fixed UI bugs in create Message Template ( e.g. left margin with second reply button in WA Preview, CTA button icon showing up inside preview even when button text was cleared out, etc. )

8th December 2021

  • Added Media Upload Feature in Create WhatsApp Template Form. Now user can upload Image / Video / Document as header in template message.

  • Added Buttons in Create WhatsApp Template Form. Now user can use Template buttons ( Quick Reply OR Call-To-Action buttons ) inside Message Template.

  • Added New WhatsApp Preview Screen in Send Notification, Create Message Template Form and View Template Content. It can preview both media (headers) and buttons along with body and footer text.

7th December 2021

  • Added update for Inclusion of API in the backend to fetch build information of a chatbot (gambit details, etc.) for a given published timeline. This means, if you provide the time (in Linux epoch format) on which a chatbot was published, you would receive the build details such as the gambits present, varids, canvas positions, types of gambit etc. of the chatbot.

3rd December 2021

  • Added update to make the export selected varids section in export data more efficient in handling big data, by streaming the csv file instead of downloading the whole file in one go.

  • Fixed bug wherein Fields to Export was not working in View Data section for Chatbots with huge conversation dat

1st December 2021

  • Backend-Update whereby we refactored our CSS file (CSS is code that dictates how everything looks), we reduced 12,000 lines of code to 1,700 lines of code, the purpose of this update was to improve performance, remove unwanted code and make current and future development hassle-free.

November 2021

30th November 2021

  • Added a checkbox Enable WhatsApp Native UI in gambit modal for Buttons, Cards and Auto-Suggestions UI.

  • Removed description text from List Messages in WhatsApp (for buttons and auto-suggestions)

29th November 2021

  • Fixed major bug in Tawk to integration whereby which dynamic data from users (like name and email) was not getting populated inside the Tawk to Dashboard.
    With this update we have fixed that issue.

26th November 2021

  • Security-Update to fix vulnerabilities in node modules (i.e. pre-made code).

25th November 2021

  • Added interactive buttons and lists into the UI of our WhatsApp chatbot, meaning engagement over the channel is now guaranteed to be frictionless.

  • Added validations for geo-location, media upload, and interactive session messages.

24th November 2021

  • Added an API to show User Flow Analytics Data such as number of people visited, responded, dropped off etc. for each gambit. This will help clients optimize their chatbots reduce drop-rates and improve the chatbot flow.

19th November 2021

  • Added feature to accept geo location shared by users over WhatsApp chatbots.

  • Added validation in web chatbot for auto suggestions.

18th November 2021

  • Changed maximum number of members for a team from 10 to 25

  • Fixed bug due to which time range filter was non-functional while exporting conversation data for a chatbot

17th November 2021

  • Added ability to select rows in the WA reports table

  • Changed design elements for the accounting setting section of the dashboard

  • Backend Update - All APIs and Services related to the Data View, Analyze and Export Section have been refactored.

9th November 2021

Mega Update for the newly designed Account Settings Section

  • Added Material UI components for a cleaner look.

  • Added new UI for viewing user sessions which includes information such as logged-in time and device information along with logging out from a specific session or logging out from all sessions capabilities.

  • Added a new Super Admin section for doing all the code-view related operations that can now be done without the need to edit a JSON object.

  • Changed access to CodeView section. CodeView section is now restricted only to Development Super Admins.

8th November 2021

Mega Update of the Campaign Section (v2.1)

  • Removed outline when user clicks on any cell in Datagrid.

  • Added loader above overall stats in Report Section.

  • Changed user-view for All Stats Metrics ( Read, Sent, Delivered and Responded ) to be presented by default in the Report Section.

  • Changed user-view for Message template content in Message Template Section.

  • Added Company Name field in Create Business Number Form.

  • Changed WhatsApp Preview to reflect Company name and profile pic after selection of business number.

  • Added Confirmation modal for successful creation of Message Templates.

  • Fixed minor UI Issues (unpublish button, added helper text, rounded off credits by 2 decimal places, changed report section icon in sub menu etc.)

1st November 2021

  • Fixed user-access to Advanced Settings in the Distribute Section. Now it's available for all users.

  • Changed width of connected chatbot column in Business numbers.

October 2021

29th October 2021

Mega-Update of the Campaign Section (v2) | Public Release

  • Added access to new campaign section for all users.

  • Added new 'Send Notification' screen that supports both Standard (i.e. One-time) and Webhook (i.e. Ongoing) campaigns.

  • Added support for Postman Collection Export in the Send Notification API screen (prefilled with all the values e.g. Auth token, body etc )

  • Deprecated old campaign table in distribute section. Users can still publish or unpublish business numbers from old section.

  • Added a button in place of old campaign section which will redirect users to new campaign section.

  • Added feature in Report Section for auto populating campaigns (if any business number with connected chatbot is present)

  • Changed UI / UX elements of the Campaign Section. (e.g. Send Date and Time in Report Section, Credit Section, Chatbot link in report detail section, commas in stats numbers)

19th October 2021

  • Added feature for instantaneously reflecting any changes to the subdomain in the the live preview button. No need to refresh the page after saving the changes in subdomain.

  • Fixed bugs in the new campaign section ( eg: occasional rendering issue in audience list, update credit transactions automatically after creation of campaign etc.)

13th October 2021

Mega Update of the Campaign Section (v1) | Internal Release

  • Added Material UI elements which provide beautiful, accessible components that can be used to develop clean looking websites.

  • Added new home page so that user can get all the information related to campaigns in one place.

  • Added new preview screen where user can see preview of message template and can also interact with dynamic parameters in present in message templates.

  • Added advanced features like filter, hide columns, sort column ascending or descending etc. in tabular views in Report Section, Audience Section, Message Templates, Business Number and Credits.

  • Added backend automated test cases for audience to make the APIs more solid.

  • Added API to fetch status of WA Message Templates of all business numbers all at once.

  • Added API to sync latest status of WA Message Templates of all business numbers all at once.

  • Added automatic unpublishing of a business number from a chatbot if the business number is removed from the user account.

7th October 2021

  • Backend Update for Teams API to improve performance.

1st October 2021

  • Added user session management APIs. These API's include

    • Fetching all user sessions.

    • Logout from a specific session.

    • Logout from all sessions.

  • Fixed bug due to which design property of a chatbot template was not being inherited by a chatbot during creation through template cloning.

September 2021

30th September 2021

  • Fixed bugs in Make section

    • Added Loading icon and disabled add gambit button when clicked.

    • Fixed gambit not showing up when adding it for the first time

    • Fixed the movement bug

23rd September 2021

  • Fixed bug due to which chatbot images in the teams section weren't showing up.

  • Fixed bug due to which chatbots without a robo-image were failing.

  • Fixed bug due to which newly added chatbots were not showing up at the front in my chatbots section.

  • Fixed bug due to which a new user couldn't scroll when they clicked on a chatbot template and then the billing section.

  • Added back (created by ==> tooltip when hovering over chatbots in my chatbots section.

  • Added line break by word instead of letter in chatbot cards in my chatbots and chatbot template section.

21st September 2021

  • Removed the widget for testimonials and made it a single testimonial, on individual chatbot template pages.

15th September 2021

  • Mega-Update for Webhook (i.e. Ongoing) Campaigns on WhatsApp. This will enable businesses to trigger automatic WhatsApp messages from their CRM based on a set of predefined conditions.

  • Fixed WhatsApp section of the Admin Dashboard, to help find chatbots whose WhatsApp number has already been published.

13th September 2021

  • Added default value for favicon image and meta image (convbot robo-image) in the <Head> tag of HTML which user can download from Distribute Section -> On-Domain Deployment.

9th September 2021

  • Added a new functionality called “Adding Custom Property Fields” which allows customers to add their custom contact properties created in their Hubspot CRM.

  • Added function to clear out all the advance settings and unpublish the chatbot from chatbot templates page. This can be done by unchecking the Advanced Settings option in General Section (inside Configure View)

  • Fixed the conv_action_fns section such that it can be used to add custom logic again.

6th September 2021

  • Backend-Update to refactor all the APIs and services related to accounts.
    This update makes the account's system more efficient in bug detection while making it easier to add new feature in future updates.

3rd September 2021

  • Added the functionality of send-on-tap feature for the auto-suggestion user input type. Now after selecting the auto-suggestion input type in the gambit, one will be able to select a checkbox to enable or disable this feature. If enabled, the end user will be able to respond by just selecting any one of the suggested list and it will be sent as response as compared to selecting it and clicking on the send button.

  • Mega-Update for Distribute Section

    • Backed update: rewrote the distribute section in React which will help up in adding new features quickly.

    • Changed Design ( Dropdown, buttons and checkboxes ) which now looks similar to newer sections like Make Section, Configure Section, integration, Teams etc.

    • Fixed bugs in the Project Structure which will help in re-writing other parts into react and releasing new features quickly.

1st September 2021

  • Added functionality whereby clicking on Manage Notification in the email will take user straight to Email and Notification subsection in the Configure Section.

  • Fixed a small bug at the chatbot conversation backend

August 2021

30th August 2021

  • Mega-Update for APIs & Refactoring of the Backed Code, which would help in

    • Adding new features faster.

    • Easily onboarding new engineers.

    • Easily locating and fixing bugs.

    • Code-management and reduction of clutter.

26th August 2021

  • Added feature whereby new gambit in Make section which will be reflected automatically in goal gambit dropdown list without refreshing the page.

  • Fixed bug whereby any invalid URL for configure view will re-route to General Settings by default.

25th August 2021

  • Added the new Reactflow Builder as the default view, i.e. every new user will be seeing this new builder instead of the old one,

18th August 2021

  • Mega-Update for Configure View

    • Changed the backend to a React framework which will help us add and release new features faster.

    • Changed Design ( Dropdown, buttons and other UI components ) which now looks similar to newer sections like Make, WA Campaign, integration, Teams etc.

    • Fixed the structure of the internal project layout which will help us in re-writing other parts of the code into react and releasing new features quickly.

10th August 2021

  • Added Updates for Make Section

    • Added feature whereby hovering over input handle now highlight all the edges connected to it.

    • Changed the Mouse Pointer for better handling.

    • Changed Zoom and Pan position to be persistent even after refresh.

    • Removed mini map as many users found it obstructive.

6th August 2021

  • Added Updates to the WhatsApp Notification System.

    • Fixed the issue of notification getting stuck while the load is high.

    • Added function whereby system will spawn and execute campaigns in parallel for every business number.

    • Changed notification speed to 2x (per campaign).

July 2021

27th July 2021

  • Changed Billing section on dashboard to align with pricing page on the website.

23rd July 2021

  • Added an update to the sign up page. Now user can pick up the country code either by:

    • Clicking on the flag icon ( next to phone number field ) and choosing his / her country code.

    • Or by clicking on the flag icon and typing country's name.

    • Or by entering country code in the Phone number field itself (like +91 ).

20th July 2021

  • Added the new Reactflow Chatbot Builder. This new builder will make it dramatically faster and easier to manage large/complex chatbot flows.

15th July 2021

  • Added a new feature whereby users can now connect Google Sheet APIs to WhatsApp Chatbots.

13th July 2021

  • Added new WhatsApp Channel feature whereby columns in the csv sheet will be now available for later referencing in the conversation as well as in the data view section. [Earlier when notification were sent out, only the referenced csv parameters in template message were available both to reference it later in the gambits and on the user conversations.]

12th July 2021

  • Fixed notification messages such that the trigger message user sends to start a conversation is now available.

9th July 2021

  • Fixed campaign section breakdown caused by statistical calculations for bots with large campaigns.

7th July 2021

  • Added update to move campaigns to a separate place. Earlier it used to load with the chatbot. However it’s not feasible when the number of campaigns are in 100s.

June 2021

18th June 2021

  • Added minor update to improve the page speed and SEO of chatbot template pages.

17th June 2021

  • Fixed bug whereby Mac users of OS version High Sierra and Sierra will now able to view WhatsApp section in both settings and distribute section.

10th June 2021

  • Added an infrastructure update to the docker on Dashboard.

4th June 2021

  • Fixed bug affecting WhatsApp Credit Calculation due to empty rows.

May 2021

31st May 2021

  • Added a feature in the dashboard known as ‘Enable WhatsApp Widget’ which will help in self serve options. It basically involves three steps

    • Step 1: Enable this feature inside Distribute/Share—> Chatbot Widget section.

    • Step 2: Enter the Initial Message of your choice.

    • Step 3 : Save and copy the widget code and paste it on the client’s website or landing page.

  • Backend-Update to to load chatbot-templates faster and comply with new metrics set by google to rank pages.

    • New performance data for Mobile

    • New performance data for desktop /chatbot-templates/

    • New performance data for individual chatbot template pages

19th May 2021

  • Added WhatsApp Self Serve feature. Now customers will be able to run WhatsApp campaigns by themselves provided they have enough credits in their account. In the account section, the user will be able to see their credit history (including both recharges and the charges for campaigns)

  • Fixed minor UI/UX issues and bugs for WhatsApp Self Serve feature.

    • Fixed bug whereby we allow the creation of campaigns if an invalid number is included in the list and we ignore it while sending notifications.

    • Fixed bug in the maker section for super admins.

5th May 2021

  • Mega-Update for WhatsApp Campaigns and Templates section.

    • Campaign Creation:

      • Uploading the csv file containing list of end users and their information is now mandatory.

      • Also, a campaign can not be created unless and until it's name and template are provided.

      • Success message shown on campaign creation.

      • Error messages, if any error occur while creating a campaign, is shown from the server to the frontend.

      • Small UI tweaks such as increasing width of Create Campaign modal and highlighting the input field if any error occurs due to it.

      • Phone number provided in the csv sheet is now validated, if any invalid phone number is detected then it's row number is shown to the user in the front-end in the error message.

    • Campaign Table:

      • Campaigns are now shown in descending order of created at, i.e. latest campaigns are shown first.

      • Total stats of all campaigns (sent, delivered etc) is now available atop the table.

      • New columns added in the table namely -
        i) Responded: Shows the number of users who replied back to the message.
        ii) Progress: Shows progress bar highlighting the progress of campaign running.
        iii) Template Name: Shows the template the campaign is using.

      • Changed Created_at column to Sent_date and Sent time in both campaigns table and the downloaded csv sheet.

      • The Sent_date and Sent_time columns in the downloaded sheet is now in time format.

      • Only ten campaigns are shown when the table is first loaded with addition of a 'Load more' button in the table for loading more campaigns (This fixes the issues on bots with lot of campaigns getting stuck) .

    • Template Creation:

      • Template names are now not restricted for the user during naming but are converted to proper format before sending to the backend.

      • Success message is shown on template creation.

      • Error messages, if any error occur while creating a template, is shown from the server to the frontend.

    • Template Table:

      • Sync button added in the table to fetch status updates of templates, that is, whether new templates are accepted or now.→ WA Icon added in the left side menu.

April 2021

15th April 2021

  • Fixed minor bug related to Google Calendar defaulting to 30min slot while selecting different slots.

14th April 2021

  • Fixed bug which had reduced the loading speed of chatbot template pages.

  • Added the feature of launching WhatsApp Chatbot as a Web widget.

9th April 2021

8th April 2021

  • Changed Message of Analyze Screen ( Teams > Analyze ) to "Coming soon. Analyze all of your team Chatbots here."

  • Changed the ending of the WhatsApp chatbot message to appear more conversational friendly.

March 2021

30th March 2021

  • Added feature whereby partial email notifications on WhatsApp conversations is now enable.

  • Added Integrations (Zapier, Hubspot etc.) to WhatsApp Chatbots

  • Fixed bug such that WhatsApp conversation that was partially filled now comes on top when user continues the conversation.

17th March 2021

  • Added Google Analytics Tracking functionality for clients using OnDomain deployment option (i.e. chatbots being hosted inside their hosting domain)

5th March 2021

  • Fixed the issue of using "urlp" parameters functionality inside customJS gambit.

  • Added more customisation options in the Geo Location Map Input type where we can:

    • Change the Map types into (ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, or TERRAIN)

    • Added Zoom Pan option where we can zoom in and out on the map.

    • Added enable/disable options for changing map types.

4th March 2021

  • Changed the bot level WhatsApp campaign section, whereby the stats are more aligned with the user count and sent notifications than before.

February 2021

24th February 2021

  • Added feature in Distribute/WhatsApp section whereby users will now be able to download the campaign data in csv format.

22nd February 2021

  • Added feature to track the notification message template parameters inside the chatbot.

  • Fixed the button styling issues of "Load More Templates" Functionality

18th February 2021

  • Added a "Load More" functionality for the chatbot templates without compromising on the SEO performance.

    • By default when a user lands on chatbot templates page, we display top 12 chatbot templates available across that industry or use case.

    • Now, when user wants to see more chatbot templates, he/she can click on “More” button which loads and displays next 9 chatbots and so on.

  • Fixed SendGrid bug by using the new mechanism of API keys and moving away from the deprecated mechanism. Sign-up email alerts, password reset emails, team member invite, subscription email, etc will be working fine now.

15th February 2021

Mega-Update for the Dashboard

  • Added option to make a copy or delete your bot in my chatbot section by clicking the context menu icon.

  • Added chatbot template modal which opens on clicking create new chatbot button or '+' sign on the header gets a design and UX revamp.

  • Removed the my chatbots section in the modal and added a create from scratch button in the modal which replaces the create from scratch card in the previous version.

  • Added a sidebar in Chatbot Templates with both industry and use-case and it also gets a design and ux revamp.

  • Removed the industry dropdown in the Chatbot Templates section which was there in the previous version.

  • Added feature to the the search bar in Chatbot Templates section whereby you type whatever you want and switch between categories to view bots matching your search criteria.

January 2021

29th January 2021

  • Added feature to set up new Geo region-specific deployments of our chatbot backend. This will allow us to make sure that the data captured by chatbots are stored within the Geographic region which is compliant with the country/region-specific regulations that our customers need to follow.

22nd January 2021

  • Added the csv upload feature for WhatsApp notifications. With this update, you can now send notification to customers who have not had a conversation with the WhatsApp Bot.

14th January 2021

  • Added a 10 member limit on each team, in the teams section.

  • Added a limit whereby only 5 members can be added per minute in the teams section.

Dec 2020

24th December 2020

  • Backend-update for an upcoming release for more native app integrations in the product.

4th December 2020

  • Mega-Update (v.2) for chatbot templates page on the website.

    • Added “How it works” Section with more infographic icons.

    • Added “What our customers say” section.

    • Replaced “Calendly” with “Hubspot Meetings”.

    • Added “Schedule a Demo” buttons across our website.

    • Changed old iconic images to the latest ones following our brand strategy.

2nd December 2020

  • Mega-Update (v.1) for chatbot templates page on the website.

    • Added Banner Image above footer section.

    • Added changes in the footer section.

    • Added section of “Ebooks” inside header/Resources section.

    • Changed the sequence of options inside the header/Resources section.

    • Changed the font style to be in sync with rest of our website.

November 2020

2nd November 2020

  • Added a new Affiliate ID feature.

October 2020

29th October 2020

  • Security-Fix for additional protection against malicious scripts being injected during registration/creation of gambits/etc.

19th October 2020

  • Added feature to enable sending of PDFs on WhatsApp natively. However, this feature requires code view changes and is not customer friendly yet. Thus any client requiring it should approach the customer success team.

15th October 2020

  • Backend-Update for the web chatbot receiver, i.e. the system that deals with saving chat data, sending emails of partial, full notification and also integrations like Hubspot, Zapier, etc.

13th October 2020

  • Backend- Update to simplify the deployment process for WhatsApp.

9th October 2020

  • Mega-Update for Razorpay integration to the TARS platform, involves UI/UX changes.

September 2020

28th September 2020

  • Added Widget Swap Integration with Live Chat widget. This feature will allow you to automatically close the Tars widget and open a live chat widget with some prefilled information.

25th September 2020

  • Added CDN (Content Delivery Network) feature which will help our chatbots load faster by fetching content from the closest region. For example: If a customer wants the content to be only loaded from US region, then CDN can help accomplish that goal.

15th September 2020

  • Added teams feature for everyone on the home page of the TARS Dashboard.

August 2020

25th August 2020

  • Added new integration section for every account with Hubspot Integration.

11th August 2020

  • Security-Fix to enable encryption of client credentials. So API Keys, passwords on the API configuration will turn gibberish when read by anyone who tries to get hold of the conv_data.json file. It can be only decrypted and executed safely in the Tars servers.

  • Added data localisation features to comply with country-specific data regulations.

3rd August 2020

  • Fixed bug whereby the user with only viewer role was able to publish chatbot, update WhatsApp configuration and delete conversation documents. This has now been fixed.

July 2020

29th July 2020

  • Added Zendesk Live Chat Integration. That means end-users will be able to have live chat conversation within our Web Chatbot UI.

13th July 2020

  • Added feature to the Distribute Section whereby users can directly connect a chatbot to a WA business number if the WA business number is registered through 360Dialog as a subaccount under Tars's 360dialog account.

8th July 2020

  • Added a new button in the export page specially to download large volumes of data. It uses streaming technology to handle huge volumes of data seamlessly.

3rd July 2020

  • Fixed time-picker option bug such that it would automatically set start time, to 12.00 AM (Beginning of day) & end time to 11:59PM (End of day)

June 2020

26th June 2020

  • Added 360 dialog integration for WhatsApp.

  • Fixed issues of gambit bubbles being jumbled and not coming in the proper order. Now bubble messages are looped into a queue. Each bubble message is sent only after we get a delivery receipt from the provider that prior message has been received.

May 2020

29th May 2020

  • Added basic payment integrations with payment gateways CCAvenue and RazorPay.

14th May 2020

  • Added UI for WhatsApp Distribute Section. Now if you hit on publish chatbot button, the changes that you make in the Builder will get reflected in the WA chatbot immediately

13th May 2020

  • Fixed issue of conversation getting stuck when chatbot configuration is updated. Now the conversation resets when the respective gambit is not found.

April 2020

29th April 2020

  • Security-Fix for CORS Proxy. We have added authentication to ensure our CORS proxy can be only used by our services.

March 2020

29th March 2020

  • Added a new use-case category in the chatbot template section called Coronavirus (Covid-19).

  • Added a design update for the integration section

28th March 2020

  • Security-Fix for Create Chatbot, Update Chatbot Settings, Delete Chatbot, Add, Update and Remove Gambit options.

26th March 2020

  • Added SSRF Fix, CSRF Fix and UI Feedback on Email change

18th March 2020

Mega-Update for Chatbot Template Pages

  • Fixed the nav bar

  • Fixed the footer

  • Fixed the drop-down on the mobile screen

  • Fixed the background colour accessibility issues

  • Fixed image tags

  • Fixed the chatbot GIF

  • Fixed the first meaningful paint to be less than 3 seconds

  • Fixed the speed index to be less than 3 seconds

  • Fixed the background colour and foreground colour contrast ratio

  • Fixed the 'a href' tags with proper rel tags.

11th March 2020

  • Added features to enable email verification, email change authorizations for users.

  • Removed reuse of confirmation/authorization links. Reset password link will have an expiration time of 1 hour.

  • Added a confirm deletion prompt whereby you have to write “DELETE” to delete the chatbot.

September 2019

30th September 2019

Added an Integration Section which will contain all the external apps we can integrate with, in the form of tiles in all apps section.

November 2019

24th November 2019

Added zapier.js for supporting zapier integration in wizzard mode

1st November 2019

Added relevant setup for processing GTM code and running it in the chatbot

October 2019

23rd October 2019

Added the relevant code for linking gambits by dropping a connection anywhere on the gambit.

August 2019

29th August 2019

  • Added mobile view and tablet view support for signup screen

20th August 2019

  • Redesigning the main website with the new brand logo, colour, fonts and layout.

  • This has been done incrementally in sections like Main page, Landing pages, Blog, Pricing, Chatbot Templates etc in a time frame of 2 weeks.

Main page

Pricing page

Chatbot Templates page

Blog page

8th August 2019

  • Complete design overhaul of the Signup, Login and Recovery pages.

  • Updated the designs with the new brand colour and the logo, as well as tweaked the design to have testimonials, client info and refined user interface which invokes confidence in our platform from our customers.

2nd August 2019

  • Made the Signup, Login and Recovery pages more reliable by preventing errors appear when our users try to login or signup quickly.

July 2019

30th July 2019

  • Updated the the Popup in which our users can pick whether they would want to 

17th July 2019

  • Updated the the Popup in which our users can pick whether they would want to create their Chatbot from scratch, from the chatbots that you've already made or from TARS Chatbot Templates.

  • This popup can be opened by clicking on the "Plus" button in the top left corner of the window.

11th July 2019

  • Made the chosen date range in the data view persist even if the user switches from section to section.

June 2019:

29th June 2019

  • Released Google Calendar deep integration with our chatbot.

  • This update would enable our users to be able to completely automate their appointment booking process, without having to manually manage the date and time data entered by the customers.

  • Here is a complete help doc for how to setup Google calendar integration for your chatbot.

  • Here's how the process of booking an appointment from the chatbot end would look like.

  • Those appointments will get saved in your calendar automatically.

3rd June 2019

  • Released an update which would enable you to switch between your chatbots more easily.

  • On clicking the chatbot icon on the top left part of the screen, a popup would show up containing all the list of chatbots in your account. 

  • On clicking one of them, you'd be taken to the work space of that bot.

May 2019:

20th May 2019

  • Cloning a bot, now would also clone the Design settings, Language , Goal gambits and Page settings.

16th May 2019

  • Introduced Zapier integration in the Integrations section.

  • Using Tars-Zapier integration, you can send the data collected via Tars chatbot to other apps you frequently use.

7th May 2019

  • Added some Advanced widget configuration settings in the Distribute section of the bot in the dashboard.

  • This will give you better control over the widget without having to dig into the code.

1st May 2019

  • New section which helps users to be able update their email id, phone number and name in account settings.

April 2019:

25th Apr 2019

  • Made On boarding to guide to help new users to be able to make a bot using the Chatbot Template gallery or from scratch. 

4th Apr 2019

1st Apr 2019

  • Restructured the URL format in the dashboard, now you would be able to share links to the exact pages of the dashboard, rather than giving people directions on how to go where.

March 2019:

17th Mar 2019

  • Added a new section called Timeline Graphs in the Analyze section.

  • This is in addition to data analytics section , which helps bot makers to better visualise their bot performance over a given timeline and tweak their bots to perform like a well oiled machine.

February 2019:

10th  Feb 2019

  • Revamped the Page Settings UI to show how the link preview would look when shared in social media platforms.

  • Also linked the page title, name and meta image, to show up in the preview, which will help you to visualise how it would look when you share your bot.

January 2019:

28th Jan 2019

  • Extending the image upload feature released on 8th of this month, we made the availability of uploading images feature everywhere in the dashboard.

9th Jan 2019

  • Sending location/address got a much awaited update of auto suggest based address sharing.

  • All the user has to do is, type the address and they will be prompted with a slide up with the closest matches, which is much more convenient than entering your entire address.

  • Looks something like this , for more info look at auto suggest geo location.

8th Jan 2019

  • We have made a more convenient way of uploading images in message bubbles by making a feature to upload your images without the hassle of hosting them somewhere and pasting the link.

  • For now it is available only for message bubbles, it looks something like this.

December 2018:

12th Dec 2018

  • Added 329 flat icons  and Font awesome  font based icons (  around 700 of them ) in the icon picker.

7th Dec 2018

  • EmojiPanel plugin is now called MediaPanel, we extended the functionality of the plugin for not only adding emojis , but also Icons which are png, jpeg, svg  and also font based.

  • Also Added another configurable mode of viewing icons/emojis by building Tab based rendering which helps in performance of the plugin.

  • For more detailed info you can visit icon update.

4th Dec 2018

  • Added loading animations in relevant places in the Tars Dashboard to indicate that data is loaded behind the scene while you are waiting. This will help you decide when to re-heat your coffee.

3rd Dec 2018

  • Facebook Messenger Integration deprecated from the system. Finally!! We all do mistakes in life, Important thing is we Refactor and Deprecate them.

November 2018:

27th Nov 2018

  • Added floating menu feature for Data referencing. 

  • On typing a  {  ( ie: open curly brace ) followed by the varid with prefix of PRE or URSP in the message bubble , a floating menu will appear from which you can choose the snippet that you wanted to enter. ex : {{ursp.gid_14}}

  • For more details on this checkout the Help doc.

23rd Nov 2018

  • 'Bad Request' Error fix for login page when logging in quickly before the JS loads on the page + also fixed the similar issue for Account Registration.

16th Nov 2018

  • Added a functionality for the accordion in the build view to remember the last panel the user was active on.

  • Added a feature for sidebar to remember its collapsed state even on refresh.

  • Added tool tips for collapsed menu items on the sidebar.

9th Nov 2018

  • Mixpanel instrumentation major re-haul of event names and meaning.

  • Mixpanel Token parameterized based on host in the browser , ie. Separated the development environment events from the user generated event endpoints. 

October 2018:

25th Oct 2018

  • Added floating menu feature to search for emojis. 

  • On typing a colon followed by the emoji name in the message bubble , a floating menu will appear from which you can choose the emoji you were trying to insert.

  • Added Google Noto font based emoji rendering in Emojipanel and floating menu.

  • For more details on floating menu checkout the Help doc.

18th Oct 2018

  • Added Marathi language support in Locale Settings in Configure section.

  • Bug fix for dynamically populated data not showing up in Auto Suggestion Input UI after the user input validation fails because the response is out of the suggestion options.

15th Oct 2018

  • Side Menu now can be Collapsed on to the left, to give you more space on the screen while building your Bot Conversation Flow.

10th Oct 2018

  • Added Emoji Picker :grinning: feature in the Bot message bubble. Now when writing your text message for your users, you can sub-communicate your emotions using the same mechanisms, used by Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

  • Added  a new Text Input Type, under Text Input Type. It's called Name. This goes along with others: Full Name, Email, Phone etc.. Select this option when you are asking the user for their Name, but you don't necesarily want their Full Name. So just a First Name will also work with this new Text Input Type.

  • Performance improvement in Dashboard page load speed for a specific chatbot. Now only needed (and less) data is loaded on that page, making it load faster.

  • Added a system level feature to save a Timestamped Snapshot of the conversation flow, each time the Bot is deployed. Later on, these snapshots can be used to help analyze the performance of a different conversation flows over time and how some change impacted the Bot's performance.

9th Oct 2018

  • Changed the screen width threshold for Chatbot for Mobile and Desktop view differentiation. Changed it from 420px to 580px to include higher DPI/PPI mobile devices for the mobile specific styling of Chatbot. This will now accommodate a much wider range of mobile devices and display the chatbot in full view on those mobile devices.

7th Oct 2018

  • Added 2 new columns in the exported CSV data called visit_url and referrer_url, which shows the url on which the bot was visited and the url of the referrer page from which the user came to interact with the bot. This will help in understanding where the traffic is coming from and giving proper attribution to the Chatbots.

  • Added a new Input Type called Calendar & Time to take user inputs. Now you can ask the users to pick date and time slots to book appointments, from an easy to use Calendar and buttons Interface within the Chatbot Conversation.

6th Oct 2018

  • Changed the default theme for Date and Time scroller Inptu UIs from ios-dark to ios (light)

  • Gulp Version downgrade from 4.0.0 to 3.9.1 because Gulp 4 is a shitty piece of unmaintained cow piss and breaks with existing plugins.

5th Oct 2018

  • Added a widget option feature named hide_timings to add conditions for hiding the widget based on time of the day. #TODO Write a help doc to explain this feature.

3rd Oct 2018

  • Added a new Special Input Type called No Input. Setting this Input Type in your gambit will show the Bot messages to the user, but won't interrupt the conversation to ask them for any input. It will simply move on to the next gambit connected to it. 

September 2018:

26th Sep 2018

  • No Input Capability added in the Chabot. The default value (user response) on gambits with No Input is set to --NO-INPUT-- This can be changed in the Input args JSON Configuration to anything else.

25th Sep 2018

  • Bug fix for Dashboard to resolve an issue with Dashboard page load when an Ad Block extension is installed in the maker's browser.

  • Calendar Time Input UI General fixes and Efficiency updates, and light and dark theme configuration capbility added in JSON. Also added an invalid option in JSON configuration for making certain days of the week disabled in the calendar.

  • Bot widget Sound is now configurable. with sound widget option whcih can be set to off to completely mute the widget sound. This needs to be added in the Bot widget code snippet.

24th Sep 2018

  • Replaced the scroller based time selection to much better button based custom time slot selection with in the Calendar Time Input UI. Buton based time slot selection will allow users to easily see the available time slots on a given date to make their selection or go back to calendar view to select another date, if they want.

  • Updated the Mobiscroll library package accordingly for the need of Calendar Time Input UI.

19th Sep 2018

  • Facebook goal conversion tracking event is now getting fired when the user responds on any of the Goal Gambits. This is conversion tracking for chatbots opened from Facebook Ads.

18th Sep 2018

  • Changed the default theme for the new Calendar Time Input UI to ios light color

  • Added New Calendar Time Input UI in the Chatbot Code for testing on internal Demo Bots.

13th Sep 2018

  • Chatbot search feature on the Dashboard home. This is useful if you have made more than a Dozen of Chatbots.

  • Added a widget option to hide the Bot Widget Button from the page, when the user closes the bot widget. This can be set in the code snippet by adding a widget option called onclose and setting its value to hide_button.

10th Sep 2018

  • Pricing and Plan Name Updated in the Dashboard Billing Section.

7th Sep 2018

  • Added a feature in the Data Analyze section to see the overall stats data for either All Activity, or for Unique Users, with a simple switch.

5th Sep 2018

  • Deleted a lot of old unused stuff. Code and Data Cleanup.

August 2018:

30th Aug 2018

  • Added 2 new operations in the Conditional Jump Feature. These are called Starts With and Ends With operations, and they can be used to compare strings in a given condition.

20th Aug 2018

  • Added a feature to set Google Adwords Remarketing Code and Conversion Label in the chatbot configuration. This will help you to build your remarketing list based on your Chatbot Visitors and will give you ability to track your conversions for people coming from your Published Google Ads and giving response on a Goal Gambit, where the bot will fire a conversion event to your Google Adwords account.

14th Aug 2018

  • Showing the stats data for unique users in the Data Analyze section. Uptil now, these stats showed data for All Activity. With the stats data for Unique Users, you can estimate the value being created in a more precise way.

  • Test Submissions are now ignored when calculating the stats data in the Data Analyze section. This will give a more precise picture of Bot's performance when seeing the Data Analyze section.

8th Aug 2018

  • Added capability of configuring Relative Date and Time Restrictions in Date and Time Scroller Input UIs.

6th Aug 2018

  • Better handling of incorrect data references in the messages/buttons/cards in the chatbot. Now if you entered a wrong or undefined data references in the gambit then it will silently omit that wrong reference only and will not affect the rest of the data references.

2nd Aug 2018

  • Added a feature to configure the Chatbot to Send events to Google Analytics only when the user responds on a Goal Gambit.

July 2018:

30th Jul 2018

  • Date scroller past and future dates restrictions now better enforced and managed.

5th Jul 2018

  • Added navigation buttons in Card Input UI for easily scrolling of cards on Desktop Devices where most people don't realize about horizontal scrolling which is already in place and prefer to click on those nav buttons with a mouse.

4th Jul 2018

  • Date Range Filter Added in Data View, Analyze and Export sections. Using this feature you can now See, Understand or Download data for a selected Time Range. Like Show me data for This Month or Export data for Last Month etc..

June 2018:

26th Jun 2018

  • Firefox Browser mobile autosuggestion keyup event issue resolved.

25th Jun 2018

  • Including saved Meta image and Favicon icon in the downloaded on-domain html file.

22nd Jun 2018

  • White labled enabled bots/accounts now better managing the brand banner. This can be configured to work both at a Chatbot level or at an Account level.

19th Jun 2018

  • Spanish language (es) locale messages updated for file/image upload Input UI

18th Jun 2018

  • Parent page url param can now be included in chatbot when used as a bot widget on a webpage. This can be done by adding a widget opion called url_params in the bot widget code snippet and setting its value to parent. This is really simple way to understand chatbot attibution based on parent page URL.

17th Jun 2018

  • Pricing Updated in the Dashboard Billing Section.

16th Jun 2018

  • Improvments made in the way the Conversation Flow Flowchart is draw in the browser, making it faster when a gambit is saved. It is now much faster to save a gambit, which helps in building momentum when designing the flow.

13th Jun 2018

  • Password masked and hidden in User Message Bubbles in the chatbot conversation with the end user

10th Jun 2018

  • Now you can download any of the past Invoice for your Tars subscription payments. You can download it anytime as a pdf document by logging in your Tars Dashboard and going to Biiling >> Invoice History

8th Jun 2018

  • Credit Card update featue in Billing Section of the Dashboard. Now if you want to update your card to make payments from, you can do that just by going to Billing >> Payment Preferences and click on Update Card.

6th Jun 2018

5th Jun 2018

  • Spanish language (es) locale messages added in Mobiscroll based Input UIs

  • Mobiscroll Version Updated for Date and Time Scroller Input UI

May 2018:

31st May 2018

  • Now you can configure your Chatbot to send events to your Google Analytics account from your Tars Chatbot using GA Events. Head over to Configure section to check this.

  • You can configure your Chatbot to fire these GA Events on All user response or only on user resppnses on Goal Gambits.

22nd May 2018

  • Updated Bot widget height, max-width for images in Bot message bubbles

18th May 2018

  • Upgrade to pro plan bot will send mail to corresponding convid passed in the url as convid URL parameter.

16th May 2018

  • Now if you click on your Bot Page URL in your admin and notice that you are logged out of the Tars Dashboard, then after logging in you will directed to the original Bot Page URL that you wanted to do. Neat Little Trick.

14th May 2018

  • Added a feature in the API Config which allows you to include all the user reponses, earlier in the conversation, in the API call. This makes it very easy to configure the API call, where you want to send all the user response to the API Server, e.g.. when you want to make a full data submit to your backend.

2nd May 2018

  • RemoteDB Connection feature added in the Dashboard to view and export Data from a remote DB.

1st May 2018

  • First Promoter affiliate referral code, if available for a Bot Maker's account,  will now be added in the Powered by Tars Link, for effortless affiliation.

April 2018:

30th Apr 2018

  • FirstPromoter Script added in the Dashboard for Affiliate Tracking.

16th Apr 2018

  • Added German language support in Locale Settings in Configure section.

14th Apr 2018

  • Released Wordpress Plugin to manage Tars Chatbot Widget on Wordpress websites. Added a link to this plugin in the Distribute >> Bot Widget in Dashboard.

5th Apr 2018

  • Bot widget now getting closed automatically after the converation ends.

2nd Apr 2018

  • Allowed Geolocation, Microphone and Camera access from the Chatbot deployed in On-Domain mode using the HTML file on Bot Maker's Custom Domain.

  • Now you can add Google Analytics Code and FB Pixel ID in your Bot Page by putting them in the Configure section of your Chatbot. This means that now you can make a retargeting and remarketing list of people on Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, based on all the people visiting your Tars Chatbot.

  • Configure Section Revamped. All possible configurations for the chatbot broken into sensible subseciton for easier access and focus while making any changes in them.

  • Map Pointer Icon Image updated in Geo Location Input UI

March 2018:

30th Mar 2018

  • Product Feature list updated in the Billing Section and Added the Free Trial End date on top of the Dashboard for easy view.

29th Mar 2018

  • Improved styling of scroll bar in Bot Widget when view on Desktop Devices.

28th Mar 2018

  • Added Social Share button in the Distribute section to help Bot makers share their Bot Links easily and quickly.

  • Added serial number and data scope (for urlp and usys) in individual user response data, to better identify them later and be able to sort them properly irrespective of when they arrive on to the server.

  • Bot Widget button radius can is now configurable in the code snippet

26th Mar 2018

  • Changed the screen width threshold for Bot Widget Styling changes for Mobile and Desktop views. Changed it from 420px to 480px to include higher DPI/PPI mobile devices for the mobile specific stylings of Chatbot.

23rd Mar 2018

  • Added a feaure in Bot widget, which allows you to automatically open the Bot widget on Mobile or Desktop without user having to click on the widget buttons. This can be done by adding a widget option called forceopen in the code snippet of Bot widget.

22nd Mar 2018

  • Added an option called _self in Data Iteration feature, This allows you to refer to elements of an array which are not object. i.e.. when you have an array of Strings, Numbers, or Dates.

21st Mar 2018

  • Consolidated View for all the Conversation Data with the Chatbot at one place. i.e.. Full and Partial Data in One place for you to see the easily. Now you don't have to jump between Full data and Partial Data section in the Dashbaord. You can also filter and see only Full or Partial Data.

15th Mar 2018

  • Added a new feature to allow Bot Makers to allow end users to select only from the give options in the list of items in Auto Suggestion Input type. If configured like this, and the user give something other from that list, the bot will complain and ask them to select from that list only.

12th Mar 2018

  • New Validation option added in Text Input. It is for 10-Digit Mobile Number Validation. This validation is more strict than the normal Mobile Number Validation.

3rd Mar 2018

  • Disabled end page redirection when checking the bot in preview mode in the Dashboard. This is to improve the user experience when on Dashboard.

2nd Mar 2018

  • Data Syntax highlighting and syntax validation for raw data sent over API call in API Config section. This helps in configuring the data payload easily and identifying any invalid syntax in it to avoid data formating related issues.

February 2018:

15th Feb 2018

  • Default Redirection set for Free Plan Accounts, at the end of the conversaiton to Tars Create your own Chatbot Page. (This will be later disabled)

2nd Feb 2018

  • Added the full video tutorial playlist in the Dashboard Video Tutorials popup. Going through this whole playlist will make you Total PRO in Building Amazing Chatbots with Tars Platform.

Januany 2018:

31st Jan 2018

  • Capture Bot Maker's Phone number through an popup modal inside the Dashboard. This is again to help us reach out to Bot Makers to understand their goals with Tars Platform.

  • Feature to not use the Tars Cors Proxy by adding an extra field in the HTTP Header in the API Config Section. This header field won't be visible to the API Server.

30th Jan 2018

  • URL parameters in the On-Domain Deployed Chatbots will now be visible in the Bot Conversation, just like normal URL Paramaters in Chatbot URL.

24th Jan 2018

  • Now you can add URL/links in the Cards input UI as well. i.e. you can add a URL on a card, clickin on thr card will open a new tab with that URL and take the user there.

23rd Jan 2018

  • Added Schedule a Call button/link in the supporting links section at the bottom left corner of the Dashboard. This helps users to connect with us at a time of their preference.

22nd Jan 2018

  • Added an extra field in signup form to collect the Bot Maker's phone number. This helps us in reaching out to the Bot Makers directly to connect with them and understand what they want to achieve with Tars Platform.

16th Jan 2018

  • Added a wifi icon as an indicator on an Gambit which is making an API Call. Useful to identify this important gambit within the Conversation Flow.

11th Jan 2018

  • Added Font Awesome support in the Dashboard to allow us to use more versatile set of icons within the Dashboard.

Dec 2017:

  • To be Updated

Nov 2017:

  • To be Updated

Oct 2017:

  • To be Updated

Sep 2017:

  • Now you can open the Bot widget on your website by a simple click on a Link/Button. Just put #tarsbot as the URL of the Link/Button. Check the details here:

  • Conditional Jump Feature release. Advanced feature release.

  • Settings Page updated, to allow users to enable/disable advanced features in the Bots.

  • User account links putted in the popover.

Aug 2017:

  • Stripe based Subscription Billing Integration released in the product. Now you can manage your Product Billing from the TARS Dashboard itself. Easy and simple. Check here: 

July 2017:

  • Added the Auto-Suggestion Input UI in the builder.

June 2017:

  • We added an option to Preview your Bot, before you decided to Deploy it to production. Using this you can now test out the bot without having to switch between the browser tabs and without affect the Live Production Bot that is currently being used.

We made this update so that you can make incremental changes in your Bot and test it out in the Bot Preview. And once you are happy with the final result, just click on the new and improved Deploy Bot button, right next to it, to push all the changes to Live Production, all in one go. Also the Bot Preview looks way more cooler. Check it out:

  • Pushed a new set of icons for Send Arrow, Skip Button and Done Button. They are part of the font-awesome family, they have universal appeal among different languages and look a lot better.

  • Paginated the ConvBots on the homepage of the Dashboard, so that it shows only 19 Convbots at a time. This makes viewing all your bots easy and more accessible.

May 2017:

  • Cards Input UI Added in the Builder

  • Added support for 18 Languages in the Convbot Configure section

  • Facebook Messenger Integration Beta Release

  • Branching now possible in Star Ratings. Now you can move to different gambits, based on the star rating given by the user. (Perfect for taking a more structured Feedback and Survey)

  • Going Forward, all the data submissions (Full or Partial) that happens on the same browser on which the bot was built will be Marked as TEST Submissions. They are properly highlighted in the Check Data section to avoid confusion between test and live submissions.

  • You can now put an External link (Web URL) on any Button option in the Buttons input type. Check the External link icon next to a Button option.

April 2017:

  • On-Page Bot widget added as part of the ConvBot Distribution on websites.

  • Auto-Open feature in the On-page Bot widget.

  • Added Language (locale) Settings in the ConvBot.

  • Created a generic helper buttons section UI/UX to be used everywhere (in bubbles, buttons, cards etc..)

  • Improved the UX for deleting a Bubble (cross button in helper buttons section)

  • Improved the UI for Adding Images in a Message Bubble.

  • Adding image and text in the same bubbles now possible.

  • Adding API Response Data based Image URL now possible.

  • Re-ordering of buttons now possible, similar to re-ordering of message bubbles

March 2017

  • API Config section added in the Gambit settings

  • Rich Text Editor to better format the text in message bubbles

January 2017

  • Released the Builder Tool

December 2016

  • To Be Updated

November 2016

  • To Be Updated

October 2016

  • To Be Updated

September 2016

  • To Be Updated

August 2016

  • To Be Updated

July 2016

  • To Be Updated

June 2016

  • To Be Updated

May 2016

  • To Be Updated

April 2016

  • To Be Updated

March 2016

  • To Be Updated

February 2016

  • To Be Updated

January 2016

  • To Be Updated

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