NOTE: This is an advanced feature and it is not enabled by default. To enable this feature, go to the Settings Page in your dashboard and make sure the Check Box for Enable Option-Val in Buttons and Cards is checked on.

When you are using Button options or Cards, you may want to display some text to the user on a button, which the user can relate to and understand.
But it is hard for you to understand that option based on just the display name. 

This becomes specially relevant when you are making some API Call in a subsequent gambit. You may want to associate a Number or an ID to each of the options in the Buttons or Cards.

You can then use that ID in a later gambit to uniquely identify the selected option and even use it directly for making an API call.

To use this, click on the icon titled Option Val in the set of icons that open up when you click the + icon next to an option button (or Card). Check the screenshot below:

This will open a text input field in the option button (or Card). You can then write anything in that text input field, including a string in the double syntax notation something like {{}} and that value will get associated with that option button (or card). In the screenshot above, I have manually set these values to 24 and 21 for Pizza and Burger options, respectively.

Now to access this value, you just have to use the uval data scope instead of the ursp data scope that you usually use for referencing the User response on a gambit.

So if the above screenshot is taken from a gambit named food_selection, and if the user has selected the first option button namely Pizza, then:
The value of {{ursp.food_selection}} will be Pizza, and
The value of {{uval.food_selection}} will be 24

If you are having trouble understanding the Double Braces Notation above, then check this article which explains exactly that:

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